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African Styles

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Defining African Designers Styles :

“African Styles” is the common term used to define African Fashion Designers Styles.


African Fashion is :

  • An identity, a creativity that defines who we are. (Vera Journalist BBC Ghana)
  • Natural beauty. African culture. Wherever we go in the world, Africans like to be noticed when they go out. (Bikisu Service Hausa, Radio Nigeria)


“La mode africaine est une façon créative de représenter nos cultures et personnalités distinctes en mettant en valeur notre riche patrimoine.

La mode africaine pour moi signifie que je peux exprimer ma personnalité visuellement et communiquer mon attitude et la fierté de l’endroit d’où je viens.”
(Ibrahim – Productor Focus on Africa)

“Pour moi, c’est l’imprimé wax, particulièrement dans la culture Swahili. On trouve des tissus “Kanga” partout.

Le tissu est en coton, fabriqué avec plusieurs carrés de couleur. En bordure, il y a toujours un proverbe ou un texte pour communiquer un message.”
(Debula, Kenya – TV Producer Freelance)

African Fashion Designers selection :

Fashion Designers list for African Fashion :

African Style

  • AFRICAN FASHION STYLE MAGAZINE -  Mariah Bocoum Keita - Les peches mignons -dn africa- studio 24 nigeria

     Mariah Bocoum KEITA Designer from Mali Born in Bamako, a Guinean midwife mother and a Malian father diplomat, this artisan was a teenager traveling to West Africa and did a lot of fashion show for Chris Seydou, malian designer her mentor and idol, deceased in 1994. “At the age of 17, I was one of his […]

  • BLACK FASHION WEEK ROTTERDAM – BFWH ’19 Welcome to the first edition of BlackFashionWeek in the Netherlands (BFWH ’19) The organizer wants to make a special night by this event to show something different and something unique.

  • African-fashion-magazine-afcw-brussels-dnafrica

    Africa Fashion & Cultural Week Brussels The Largest Gathering of Ethnic Runway Models, Fashion Designers, Artist, Painters, Authors, Press, Buyers, Retailers, and Fashion Professionals Celebrating & Promoting Local Culture, Diversity and Pride. Location : Atomium – Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (Belgium), 19th to 21th Jul 2018


    Emma Style 8th Ed – from Dakar (SENEGAL) Emma Style Show “is a charity show, which gathers 500 to 600 guests, dedicated to fashion with performances by artists from Senegal and the sub-region,

  • Selly Raby Kane, the new face of African fashion The Senegalese fashion designer discusses her journey through the fashion industry – from drawing pictures inspired by movies she had seen to speaking on the global stage that is the Design Indaba Conference in 2015. She is then named artistic director of the annual conference of […]


    FALL PROV Humanitarian Fashion 2018 African Fashion Style by FALL PROV Fashion and Humanitarian by  African Fashion Style : how to combine fashion with humanitarian ?


    Parfait IKOUBA , young talentuous African Designer. Parfait Ikouba, his real name Ikouba A Mougnol Félicien Parfait, was born June 5, 1984 in Douala, Cameroon.


    LOZA MALEOMBHO, Fashion Designer from Ivory Coast. Loza Maléombho, African Fashion Designers, Ivorian Fashion Designers.


    Cissé Moussa aka Ciss St Moses  (Ciss St Moise) – Treichville (Ivory Coast) CISS ST MOSES – Guardian of Male Elegance For almost 25 years, Cissé Moussa embodies excellence, refinement and elegance for Man. He made his name, Ciss St Moses, the brand of Tropic 105, the fashion house of which he is the boss […]

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African Styles
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