JAM WAXX – Charles Jackotin

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JAM WAXX – Charles Jackotin

A few years later, he left this profession of forced well paid. But the passion of filming always omnipresent, Charles began to video, filming weddings, concerts, and other-mitzvah. At that time, Charles was once the time of the good old trio (sound engineer, journalist and cameraman). Charles, once for reasons of speed and flexibility, was the only one filming with his list of questions written beforehand by the editorial staff. Over time and with curiosity Charles understood the journalistic mechanics, and decided to leave alone with his own list of questions. And the adventure of the JRI began in this way, but at the base he did not aspire to the profession of journalist, cameraman. The Right JRI Being an impenetrable voyeur with a great sense of public relations and a strong general culture in such varied fields as sport, fashion, art in general, politics, geopolitics, Social, national and international relations and others.

DNAFRICA - DN AFRICA - Charles Jackotin
Charles Jackotin

Previously a team consisted of 3 people, hence the team player: journalist, sound engineer, cameraman. A few years later, the configuration of this team changed: 2 journalist and cameraman. Currently the cameraman alone has become the famous JRI “journalist reporter, images”. The status of JRI, owes its existence to reasons of flexibility, but before due to budgetary restriction. In qualitative terms, the man orchestra can be good on an instrument, but not necessarily on all three.

For Charles the JRI made the macdo video and as Jean Luc Godard said in reference, the filmmaker, the video makes of forgetfulness, and the cinema of the memories. JRI’s job becomes dangerous only when you are in areas of the world that have been disturbed by catastrophes, war, famine, and so on, or about political, economic, religious, The business is almost calm, rewarding, thanks to new technologies, internet, web 2.0 youtube, dailymotion, wideo, vimeo, twite, myspace, facebook and others, companies, artists, politicians, quidam, Maximum audience in a minimum of time. A good JRI is always in a state of permanent urgency, due to the last minute of the infos. It must be vigilant, to have concentration, in order to reconcile these 3 different trades. To provide a perfect work at sound and image level, Areas that must master flawlessly.

The JRI is like an interethnic, social, cultural, industrial shuttle, during a day it passes lightly from the modest to the Presidency of the Republic. Film a woman in burqa, then in the evening another in bikini top less. After surveys of future locations, and other previous Internet surveys of three different sources of information on the subject in question, the day before filming selection and verification of material, the JRI shares on area, he often shoots “filming up” The rushes alone already have a narrative coherence, that is to say, turned chronologically with as little waste as possible, it first makes the general plans of exposure, the overall plan, the average plane, then Interviews, using the famous, 5 W Anglo Saxon, what, where, when, who, what, a good dose of improvised questions, the interviewee picks up the questions for editing reasons because often in the final product the voice is Deleted, mission finished the JRI returns to the editorial TV, returns the cassettes to the production then finishes its freelance.
The JRI by definition is also a trotting globe, it crisscrosses the world in order to cover national and international events. The destinations are many and varied: Africa, South America, Caribbean, Europe and many others.
The destinations are many and varied: Africa, South America, Caribbean, Europe and many others. Charles recently returned from Georgia to the Caucasus where he filmed the country’s first fashion week. A very enriching experience on multiple levels: culturally, architecturally.

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