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Phototographer | Conceptual Artist | Creative Director | Author | NYC & PARIS: Laurent Elie Badessi Fine Art Photographer

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Laurent Elie Badessi Fine Art Photographer

Date: Dec 15 2023
Location: New York, USA

Laurent Elie Badessi – Phototographer | Conceptual Artist | Creative Director | Author | NYC & PARIS


Photographer Laurent Elie Badessi – An African Summer – Guinea 2023v- Model Binta DIALLO


Laurent Elie Badessi, a Franco-American fine art photographer, was born in France into a family with three generations of photographers.
Growing up in this environment allowed him to explore and develop a deep appreciation for the art of photography.

After studying language and communication sciences at Université des Lettres d’Avignon, Badessi pursued a photography course at Université Paris VIII.

Intrigued by the psychological dynamics between a photographer and their subject during a photoshoot, he chose to base his M.A. thesis on this subject.

This led him to spend several months in Niger, Africa, capturing images of isolated tribes that had little to no exposure to photography.
His project garnered significant recognition, including awards such as La Bourse de l’aventure with Fujicolor and the Humanity Photo Award with UNESCO.

Badessi began his career in Paris before expanding his work internationally and eventually relocating to the United States in the early 90s.
Over the course of ten years, he focused on the human figure, culminating in his book « SKIN, » which was internationally released in 2000 by Edition Stemmle.

The book features a foreword by Sondra Gilman, Founder and Chairperson of the photography committee at the Whitney Museum.




Badessi’s Artistic represents Symbolism, Mythology,  Historical and Cultural References



Symbolism, mythology, and historical and cultural references are integral to Badessi’s artistic approach. His work often delves into subtle yet pertinent questions surrounding social, political, and cultural issues, such as religion, war, and the environment.


Prestigious Awards for an Incredible Artist

Laurent-Elie -Badessi – Photographer

Badessi’s photographs can be found in numerous private and public collections. He has received prestigious awards, including a grant from the French Department of Cultural Affairs for his Paris exhibition « Métamorphoses. »



Age of Innocence- Children and Guns in the USA – Laurent Badessi Fine Art Photographer – IMAGES PLURIELLES EDITIONS


« Age of Innocence: Children and Guns in the USA »

One of his latest projects, « Age of Innocence: Children and Guns in the USA, » featured a large-scale photograph exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London for the esteemed Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. A book showcasing this series was internationally released by Editions Images Plurielles last year.

Badessi‘s work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions around the world, in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, London, Milan, Rome, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Kuwait City, Beijing, Monaco, and Dubai.

Currently, Laurent Elie Badessi resides in New York.

« Age of Innocence » was released by Editions Images Plurielles in March 2020.



Laurent Elie BADESSI Contact :

Laurent Elie Badessi  – Fine Art Photographer

STUDIO NYC +1 212 388 7295


Instagram & Twitter: laurent_elie_badessi / @lebfoto

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