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Joan OKORODUDU, a prominent figure in the African fashion industry: Runways to Freedom, a dedication to empowering youth and the fashion industry

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Runways to Freedom, a dedication to empowering youth and the fashion industry

Date: June 1rst 2024
Location: Darosa Plaza, Ngong, Kenya 00100

Joan Okorodudu, the founder and CEO of Isis Models Africa


Joan Okorodudu, the founder and CEO of Isis Models Africa, is a prominent figure in the African fashion industry.



Runways to Freedom


Joan Okorodudu also established Runways to Freedom, a charitable foundation with a mission to support vulnerable communities. .

This foundation provides financial support to families, homeless individuals, veterans, and people with special needs.

Their assistance covers essentials such as food, clothing, utility bills, and medications.


Runways to Freedom aims

The Mission At Runways to Freedom, the NGO firmly believe that Africa possesses immense potential, even in the face of numerous challenges.
Their mission is to spotlight and validate this potential on a global platform.

Runways to Freedom  invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we work towards making a meaningful and lawful impact in the realms of global modeling and creative arts.


Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG), « Empowering dreams, nurturing talent: We are a talent management NGO dedicated to unlocking potential and fostering growth in young people


The foundation’s mission is to make a positive impact on vulnerable communities


Runways to Freedom focuses

Runways to Freedom – Sustainable Development Goals


Empower Education: Provide scholarships and educational resources to underprivileged children.
Enhance Healthcare: Fund medical camps and healthcare programs in rural areas.
Protect the Environment: Launch and sustain conservation projects to protect our planet.
Promote Equality: Support programs that advocate for women’s rights and gender equality.





 Runways to Freedom focuses on providing financial assistance to families, homeless individuals, veterans, and people with special needs. Their support covers essential needs such as food, clothing, utility bills, and medications.

The foundation’s impact extends beyond material assistance. By addressing immediate needs, they contribute to the well-being and dignity of those they serve. Their work helps alleviate suffering and promotes a sense of community.

 Joan Okorodudu actively advocates for the foundation’s causes. She uses her platform in the fashion industry to raise awareness about homelessness, poverty, and the challenges faced by marginalized groups.

Runways to Freedom collaborates with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to maximize their impact. Their partnerships allow them to reach more people and create positive change.


Kenya as the organization’s headquarters

Runways to Freedom – We help All People in Need Around the World


Joan Okorodudu, the forward-thinking founder of Runways to Freedom NGO, has selected Kenya as the organization’s headquarters.
This strategic choice reflects her dedication to empowering youth and her love for the fashion industry.
By establishing a presence in Kenya, Joan envisions a dynamic fashion hub that will shine as an opportunity-filled haven for aspiring fashion designers, makeup artists, and models.



Runways to Freedom by Joan OKORODUDU

Visit Us: Ground Floor, Darosa Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya

Mail Us: info@runwaystofreedom.net

Phone Us: +(254) 759 095107


Africa’s Next Supermodel (ANSM)


Africa’s Next Supermodel (ANSM)

Joan Okorodudu initiated the Africa’s Next Supermodel competition, which she started as an alternative to paying franchise fees for Tyra Banks’ Next Top Model. ANSM aims to showcase the immense talent in modeling across Africa.


Joan Okorodudu, the visionary



Joan Okorodudu, the visionary founder of Runways to Freedom NGO, hosted the event in Nairobi, Kenya, where Chol Khan took the top spot. As part of her victory, she received a prize of $5,000 and secured runway opportunities to work on European fashion runways.



Chol KHAN, ANSM Edition 2023 Winner in Nairobi, Kenya

The most recent edition 2023 concluded in Nairobi, Kenya, where 19-year-old Chol Khan emerged as the winner of Africa’s Next Super Model 2023

Joan-Okorodudu-na-Chol-Khan-Winner ANSM 2023


Chol Khan captivated both esteemed judges and global audiences with her stunning runway presence and remarkable poise.

The prestigious award was presented during the grand finale of Africa’s Next Super Model 2023 event hosted on Saturday, October 28, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi.



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Africa’s Next Super Model 



Africa’s Next Super Model is Africa’s prestigious modeling competition reality TV show dedicated to scouting Africa’s finest talent in the modeling industry.

It focuses on identifying young girls and boys with raw modeling talent and transforming them into world-class professional supermodels.”

This exciting contest brings together representatives from diverse communities and cultures across Africa, showcasing the rich tapestry of beauty and the vibrant fashion business.


World-class professional supermodels

World-class professional supermodels are top-tier models who have achieved international recognition and success in the fashion industry.

These models are sought after by renowned designers, photographers, and brands for their exceptional talent, striking looks, and ability to captivate audiences on runways, magazine covers, and advertising campaigns.

They often grace the pages of prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue and walk the catwalks of major fashion weeks around the world. Some notable supermodels include Kaia Gerber, who made her debut at just 16 and has become a sought-after icon in the industry, and winners of competitions like Africa’s Next Super Model, which scouts raw talent and transforms young models into world-class professionals. These supermodels not only possess physical beauty but also exhibit professionalism, versatility, and charisma that set them apart.


Runway to Freedom, a dedication to empowering youth and the fashion industry

Fashion Industry Impact



Fashion Industry Impact
Besides her modeling agency, Isis Models, Joan Okorodudu owns House of Jola, a fashion house. She is passionate about promoting African talent and relaunching her fashion brand in Nairobi.

Her dedication to the industry has made her a respected figure in African fashion and modeling.

In summary, Joan Okorodudu’s contributions extend beyond the runway, as she actively supports charitable causes and nurtures emerging talent in the fashion world



Africa’s Premier Modelling Agency : info@isismodels.org
Call: +27737799907(SA) +2348077195695
WhatsApp (NG) +442082628491

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/runwaystofreedomofficial/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069915036570






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The MD of Studio 24 Mr. Ifeanyi Chris Oputa is again fully involved in Africa’s Next Supermodel. Mr. Oputa gave away cars to winners of Nigeria’s Next Supermodel in appreciation for their efforts and encouragement to soar higher in previous editions of the show.


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Darosa Plaza, Ngong, Kenya