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Festival N’zassa Mode 2017 Treichville Ivory Coast

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The festival N’zassa mode 2017 – 2nd Edition

Abidjan from March 2017 from 9th to 12th under the theme of « Chic » « Afro-optimism »

From March 2017 from 9th to 12th, the many designers and designers had the great pleasure to present their know-how to the public in Treichville, a commune of Abidjan. This event, under the patronage of couturier Ciss St Moïse, was organized under the theme of « Chic » and « Afro-optimism ». Treichville has experienced a colorful atmosphere, as well as different representations of chic and glamor.

Cisse St Moise Portrait

Ciss St Moise, the organizer of this festival was President of the Association of Fashion Designers of Côte d’Ivoire, Special Adviser to the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts and then appointed Ambassador of the Historic Town of Grand Bassam . For nearly 25 years, Cissé Moussa has embraced excellence, refinement and elegance for the African fashion world. In 2015, Ciss St Moïse created the first N’Zassa Mode Festival in Treichville that promoted multiple identities in Ivorian Art and Culture and celebrated the harmonious coexistence of several nations and the cultural mixing that affected all forms Creativity.

Ciss Saint Moise brand wants to introduce a platform dedicated to fashion that will be placed, under the sign of afro-optimism. But also to evoke the impact of African creativity on the international scene. « Celebrating the artists and artisans who write the most beautiful pages of African fashion, who create African elegance so that it finds itself outside the borders of the continent », is the leitmotif of the founder of the event, who Will present his latest man creations in the framework of the N’Zassa festival: literally, « harmonious blend, patchwork ».

For this reason, creators from all over Africa and stylists from the diaspora will be represented to crystallize the idea of an African creation, although mixed, but solidarity and with a single objective: the professionalization of a sector that Still struggle to find an infrastructure.


Fashion Lab Africa, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week JHB 2016 Series


On the program: the portrait of Princess Esther Kamatari, godmother of the festival, of some prestigious designers, from the Ivory Coast Gilles Touré to the Ghanaian based in New York, Mimi Plange. Without forgetting a decryption of the parades as if you were there!

The Cameroon, with the stylist Anna Ngann Yonn (Kreyann), South Africa with David Tlale, France, represented by hairstyle designer Nadeen Mateky, and of course Côte d’Ivoire with the young Nakissa and the pioneers of the genre That are Pathé’O, Gilles Touré and the founder of the festival, Ciss Saint Moses.

Princess Esther Kamatari

On March 9th, 20 African designers reinterpreted Guerlain’s iconic little black dress at the N’Zassa Mode festival in Treichivlle. A sewing and charity event.

It is under the aegis of Princess Esther Kamatari, ambassador Guerlain since 2015 and godmother of this 2nd edition of the festival N’Zassa mode initiated by the Ivorian stylist Ciss Saint Moses, that was held the appointment of Golden Ladies articulated around the little black dress.

« The little black dress was invented by Chanel in the 50s and Guerlain has re-appropriated it. But what makes her identity above all else is the person who carries her. And this evening, the little black dress is in Abidjan, « enthused Princess Kamatari before an audience of lady women – mostly made up of the wives of ministers – and other Ivorian influential women, who responded in the hope To acquire the small ideal black dress.


Nzassa Mode 2017 – 2nd editions

NZASSA Mode 2017

33 designers, with the presence of an emblematic godmother (Princess Esther KAMATARI), a magic show. Backstages, parades, interviews. Modern et chic was at NZASSA FASHION


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