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Festia – Caravane de la MODE in Mali

Arts and Culture Festival based on FASHION in Mali :  » CARAVAN OF FASHION « 

Festia – Caravane de la MODE 2018 – 1st Edition

Under the patronage of her excellency, the first lady of Mali, Mrs. Keita Aminata Maïga.

The Caravan of Fashion is an arts and culture festival based on FASHION, all over the country of Mali.
Malian fashion, for a broader and promising dimension of its future, needs the talents of all its creative geniuses for a vision worthy of name on the international level.
That is why this caravan wants to put all the actors of fashion in the different regions of Mali in communication in order to highlight their hidden talents.
This event will also put an end to the marginalization of regional fashion actors, as they also enter into the spread of national fashion.
It is an event that will take place separately in each region of Mali before the Festival of great general meeting in Bamako, Capital of the Republic of Mali between the actors of the national fashion and those of the sub-region and elsewhere before taking again Round.
Thus it will be for the Regions: Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou, Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao, Kidal and the District of Bamako to form a single voice of expression of the Malian culture preliminary activities carried out in Sikasso.

For the smooth running of the event, the preparations must precede it. Therefore, it was essential to carry out preliminary activities on the first region of reception of the caravan. Thus, the General Directorate of the Caravan paid a visit to the Sikasso region.

To carry out the activities of the Caravan, it is essential to carry out a feasibility study of the event itself and to plan preliminary activities.

Festia Team

Fadi MAIGA : Promoter of the Project and Chief Executive Officer of the Caravan; from Borthini Couture and IGAIMA Model’s
Samba Abu Arafa : Administrative Director and General Coordinator of Activities;

Their purpeous is to set up the project in finding and organizing  for the future of Malian Fashion, conference, competition, concert, gala dinner, fashion show, eco tourism, expo and sale, gastronomy, training, cultural tourism.


FESTIA – Caravane de la Mode is a policy of cultural animation for the revitalization of Malian fashion and the development of Malian culture.

FESTIA  tends to inspect all the cultural layers of Mali, bringing them together for a common expression for a bright future.

This is a very big project that touches the history of the country, its culture, crafts and fashion.

I. History

This caravan will be the object of a reenactment of the history of Mali; in that it will at first sight be an analytical study of the history of Mali through historical tourism. Then, the rehabilitation of tourist sites in order to benefit the world.

Afterwards, eco-tourism is associated with this so that this mechanism has an impact on the Malian economy.

II. Culture

The caravan will have an influence on the social life by the association of the socio-cultural activities to the event: such as the discovery of the culinary dishes of the different ethnic layers of each locality, the space of communication on the meeting of civilizations, the interpretation cultural values ​​of each locality through plays, kermes, contests of stories, sports competitions between the different ethnic groups … to these are added disciplines of adaptation to new cultures without necessarily ‘abâtardir.

III. Crafts

The event will largely affect the artisanal and artistic values ​​of each locality. This will highlight the hidden talents of actors in these different fields in order to expose their places in the local economy. And artisan and artistic works contribute par excellence to the world of fashion and social decorations.

IV. The fashion

Fashion is the main object of this event. We can say today that it is the economy that has its breath everywhere in the world. Thus, it will be to expand the expression of Malian fashion throughout the national territory to interpret it in a dimension more dignified and much broader.

The involvement of other parallel activities makes it possible to establish direct communication between the fashion industries and the consumer.

The event will aim to bring together the actors of the fashion and the culture of mali for the establishment of a good policy of consumption of the products  » Made in Mali  ».

Festia Caravane de la MODE – Bamako (Mali) from Feb 21st to 26th


Festia Opening Festival
IGAIMA Model’s Show – 1st Edition at the Feb 24th 18
Location : Bamako

Igaïma‎ Model’s SHOW 2018 Feb 23th at the african fashion style magazine-Igaïma‎ Model’s SHOW-dn africa-studio 24 nigeria

IGAÏMA MODEL’S SHOW – 1st Edition 2018

An event dedicated to modeling and which showcases the models of the IGAÏMA Agency.

Much more than just a fashion event, an opportunity to bring stylists, models, fashion actors, artists and musicians together to celebrate the role of model.

In the program:
– Fashion show- Music and humor services


Thursday February 22th
Master Class by the Princess Esther Kamatari
Master Class Coiffure

Friday, February 23th
10am Press Conference (Hotel)
Master Class Coiffure

Saturday, February 24th
Intw ORTM Saturday Leisure
Fashion Show

Location Memorial Modibo Keita – Bamako (Mali) – IGAÏMA MODEL’S SHOW


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Festia at Gao
IGAIMA Model’s Show at the Feb 24th 18
Location : Bamako

Contact : Borthini Couture
Phone :+223 76 26 13 86
Website : Festia.com


Media Partners : Indirâh Events & Communication –STUDIO 24 NIGERIA – DN AFRICA – STYLE SQUAD


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