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PFW 2022 – Imane Ayissi Couture AW 22-23

Date : July 7th 2022
Venue : Paris (France)
PFW AW : from July 4th to 7th 2022

Discover the Imane Ayissi fashion show – Fall-Winter 22-23 Couture. Find all the looks of the show in video, the details and the best moments of the fashion show in video. In short, the best of fashion!


Imane Ayissi

French-based designer Imane Ayissi has certainly made a name for himself and is making waves on the international market with his signature styles.
The Cameroonian-born fashion designer launched his eponymous luxury label in Paris in 2004.

Imane Ayissi is considered one of the most successful fashion designers from Africa. He is also the first African designer to appear on the official haute couture calendar.

Imane Ayissi  has always stood out in the art world. He has been a successful ballet dancer and a model before he embarked on a career in fashion.

Autumn/Winter 2022/23 Couture Collection “Miyené”

For his Autumn/Winter 2022/23 Couture Collection “Miyené” which means both appearance and « to be seen », we once again discover the artist’s creative talent.
The theme story in this collection was inspired by the physical appearances of African identity and cultures which have been emphasized by traditional hairstyles.

Imane Ayissi decided to team up with the Gaboneece artist Boris Nzebo for the fashion show.
Boris Nzebo  who is from Gabon and started life as a hairstylist is now one of the most sought-after urban artists from Africa.
Nzebo often takes inspiration from hair and explores hairstyles in human life as a medium to show social rank and culture using them as an inspiration for textiles processing and design techniques.
Both of their names are featured on the textile graphics.


Collection “Miyené” represent bold, strong and fresh collection

The result is a bold, strong and fresh collection, a colourful array of silhouettes with innovative fabric design, bold prints and liberal applications of raffia and silk fringing, and a long pleated white skirt with a printed silk blouse. African tribal art motifs, long dresses in animal prints, with tie-dye fabrics and body-hugging dresses.



Imane Ayissi Couture AW 22-23 – Collection Miyené