HOME &gt News &gt TINTIN presents 550 Best Tattoo Artists from Over the Planet - First Edition: TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – 550 best tattoo artists from around the world – Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris France

TINTIN presents 550 Best Tattoo Artists from Over the Planet - First Edition: TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – 550 best tattoo artists from around the world – Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris France

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TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – 550 best tattoo artists from Around the World – First Edition

Date: 2,3 & 4 Fev. 2024
Venue: Grande Halle de la Villette, 211 avenue Jean Jaures; 75019 Paris (France)

Event organized by Tintin

TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – Event organized by Cyril Auville alias Tintin – The King of TATTOO


The TATTOO PLANETARIUM is an event organized by Tin-Tin, who has been orchestrating conventions since 1999.
These iconic gatherings, such as the Mondial du Tatouage, have evolved into the ultimate reference points in the tattooing world, drawing the highest attendance rates globally.

Tin-Tin returns to Paris with a groundbreaking event following the success of the Mondial du Tatouage: the Tattoo Planetarium.
For this comeback, Tin-Tin is taking his iconic convention to new heights:

550 tattoo artists from over 50 countries worldwide will gather. Hundreds of tattoos will grace the stage in 8 different contests throughout the weekend. 24 trophies, handcrafted by Tin-Tin himself, will be awarded during the contests, judged by our enduring industry legends.

Once again, the Grand Halle de la Villette will serve as the epicenter for tattoo enthusiasts, showcasing a vibrant array of colorful and intricate skin art.
Set within this magnificent late 19th-century building spanning 20,000 square meters, attendees will revel in the incredible atmosphere and warmth amidst the glass walls of the metal framework, witnessing top artists at work and enjoying an array of splendid entertainment.


550 Best Tattoo Artists from Over the Planet coming from 30 countries

For the 2024 edition of Tattoo Planétariumover 500 tattoo artists from around the world will present an even broader spectrum of styles, techniques, and influences. Get ready to embark on a journey through the infinite universe of this art form on February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2024, at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. 🌟🎨🌏

Featuring a diverse array of styles, techniques, and influences, the event catered to all tattoo aficionados.
Alongside captivating tattoo competitions and exhibitions, attendees enjoyed live concerts and delectable offerings from food trucks.
It provided an exceptional platform for enthusiasts to marvel at the creations of renowned tattoo masters from around the globe and explore the intricate works adorning the skin by numerous national and international artists.
For further insights and detailed information, visit the official Tattoo Planetarium website.


550 artists from Around the World, 4 Exhibitions, a Worldwide Gastronomic Experience

The Mondial du Tatouage showcases that tattooing transcends fleeting trends, asserting itself as a fully-fledged art form that continuously evolves and expands.

Through this event, the creativity and passion of artists take center stage, with each booth showcasing the quality of their work through displayed images and live demonstrations.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to witness tattooing in action, experiencing firsthand the beauty and diversity of this art form, which varies from booth to booth.

The visual spectacle is unparalleled, with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, from realism to dotwork (tattooing done point by point), all illustrating the remarkable diversity and richness of this ancient art.


The jury of the Tattoo Planetarium 2024

The jury of the Tattoo Planetarium 2024 consists of living legends who have witnessed the profound transformations that have occurred in the world of tattooing from the 1970s to the present day.

What was once a marginal and even illegal practice 30 years ago has now evolved into a fully-fledged art form, leaving a lasting impact on mass culture and the collective imagination.

The adventurous pioneers of the past have become today’s masters, continuing to inspire generations of successors.


Array of attractions during 3 days with the Best Artists

The event encompassed an array of attractions, including captivating tattoo competitions, vibrant exhibitions, dynamic concerts, and delectable food offerings. Among the featured artists were Angel Reynosa representing America, Anko Tattoos from Norway, Anna Belle showcasing talent from Australia, Diego Moraes from France, and Edo Horihiro bringing Japanese artistry to the forefront.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in captivating painting and photography exhibitions by Guil Zekri and Robert Hernandez, alongside a stunning collection of Chicano art curated by Danny Boy and Indio Reyes.

Adding to the vibrant ambiance, the event boasted electrifying performances by renowned musical acts such as the Belgian doom metal band Amenra and the French sludge and stoner band Hangman’s Chair.


Allow Us to introduce them briefly, list of the Best Tattoo Artists :

2ROCK (Moscow, Russia)

AARON GAUGGEL (Stuttgart, Germany)

ABDEL PEDRO (Mulhouse, France)

AARON TATTOOER (Athens, Greece)

ADAM SZABO (Budapest, Hungary)


ADRIAN ROD (Madrid, Spain)

AKAI (Seoul, South Korea)

ALAN FERIOLI (Milan, Italy)

ALBA JOEL (Sarp, France)



Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024 – A Distinguished Panel of Judges

A Distinguished Panel of Judges

Mark Mahoney, a Californian of Irish descent, exudes rare elegance in his craft. Having inked the likes of Johnny Hallyday, Pamela Anderson, Mickey Rourke, and even Nicolas Sarkozy, his expertise is unparalleled.

Kari Barba, presiding over the oldest tattoo parlor in the United States in Long Beach, California, has been a jury member since 2015.
Each year, she captivates with her sartorial elegance, reflecting her distinguished taste.

Junko Shimada, San Francisco’s quintessential Japanese tattoo artist, specializes in traditional Japanese style, mastering every intricacy of its codes and aesthetics.

Filip Leu, revered as one of the greatest tattoo artists in the Western world, has shaped generations of tattooers over his 40-year career. Recognizable for his unique blend of hippie chic style, he stands out effortlessly.

Luke Atkinson, the fifth juror, hails from England but resides in Germany. A pioneer of contemporary Japanese style, his remarkable elegance is a fixture across diverse scenes.


Mark Mahoney

Shamrock Social Club, Hollywood

Mark Mahoney – Shamrock Tattoo Club – Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024

With roots tracing back to Ireland, Mark Mahoney embarked on his tattooing journey in Boston in 1977, during an era when tattooing still lingered in the shadows of illegality.

It wasn’t until he settled in California in 1980 that he encountered the transformative world of black and grey tattooing.



Here, Mark honed his signature style, mastering the intricate art of single needle black and grey work, etching his masterpieces onto the skin of renowned figures.

His legendary Shamrock Tattoo Club, nestled along Sunset Boulevard, stands as an iconic hub in the Western tattooing scene. Beyond his artistic prowess, Mark is revered for his impeccable fashion sense, meticulously hand-polishing his shoes each morning.


Shamrock Tattoo Club

“Shamrock Social Club” is a fashion collective

Inspired by the work of Mark Mahoney, legendary Tattoo artist and founder of the world-renowed tattoo parlor “ Shamrock Social Club” “a place where the elite and the underworld meet” nestled in the heart of the iconic Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California .

Shamrock Social Club brand is infused with the very essence of the authentic American tattoo culture.

New Location: 1114 Horn Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 271-9664

Junko Shimada from Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor

Junko Shimada from Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor – Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024

Junko Shimada is a renowned tattoo artist based in San Francisco, known for her expertise in traditional Japanese tattoo styles. She honed her skills at the Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor, where she has been practicing for over three decades.

Originally from Japan, Junko faced gender barriers in the tattoo industry, prompting her to leave and seek opportunities elsewhere.
She found her calling alongside Bill Salmon, her husband and mentor, with whom she co-founded the Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor.


In recognition of her talent and contributions to the industry, Junko Shimada was invited to join the esteemed panel of the Tattoo Planetarium in 2022. The Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship, offering a diverse range of tattoo styles from traditional to contemporary.


Diamond Club Tattoo Parlor

2000 Van Ness Ave, Suite 212, San Francisco, CA, United States, California
+1 415-776-0539

And many more talented artists from around the globe will be part of this extraordinary event at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris on February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2024. 🌟🎨🌏

For practical information, including dates, venue details, and how to get tattooed during the Tattoo Planetarium, visit the official website. Whether with or without an appointment, this celestial gathering promises an unforgettable experience! 🔥🖤


Filip Leu

Filip Leu – Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024

Filip Leu, born in Paris in 1967, stands as a prominent figure in the world of tattoo artistry, recognized for his significant influence in modern tattooing. As a scion of the illustrious Leu family, renowned for their pivotal role in European tattoo culture throughout the 20th century, Filip carries forward a rich legacy.



In 1978, Filip, alongside his parents Felix and Loretta Leu, established The Leu Family‘s Family Iron tattoo studio in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since its inception, the studio has upheld a reputation for delivering exquisite tattooing craftsmanship, solidifying its status as a premier destination for tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.


The Leu Family’s Family Iron:
– by appointment only –

8 Route de Mauborget, 1453 Bullet

tel: +41 24 454 15 85


Kari Barba

Kari Barba – Outer Limits TATTOO – Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024

Kari Barba, a celebrated American tattoo artist and painter, was born on July 10, 1960, in Minneapolis.
With over four decades of artistic experience, she is renowned for her pioneering contributions to women in the tattoo industry.
As the proprietor of Outer Limits Tattoo, situated in Long Beach, California, she oversees the oldest tattoo parlor in the United States.

Embarking on her tattooing journey at the age of 19, Kari Barba relocated from Minnesota to California in 1980, dedicating herself entirely to the craft. In 1983, she inaugurated her inaugural tattoo studio, Twilight Fantasy, in Anaheim, California.


Notably, Barba emphasized the inclusion of female tattoo artists from the outset, fostering diversity in a traditionally male-dominated field.
Throughout her career, which spans since 1985, Barba has garnered over 500 accolades for her exceptional tattooing prowess.

Recognized for her distinctive illustrative realism style, Kari Barba is esteemed as one of the pioneers of color realism in tattoo artistry.
Moreover, she played a pivotal role in championing hygienic practices within the industry, being among the first to advocate for the use of gloves and sterilized equipment.

In 2002, Barba acquired the esteemed 22 S. Chestnut Pl in Long Beach, a location steeped in tattoo history, originally established by the legendary tattooist Bert Grimm in 1927.
In addition to serving as a premier tattoo destination, the venue also hosts a tattoo museum commemorating The Pike and its influential artists of yesteryears.

Kari Barba‘s expertise extends beyond the United States, as she is a recurrent member of the expert jury at the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris, France.
Furthermore, her legacy continues through her son, Jeremiah Barba, who follows in her footsteps as a distinguished tattoo artist and shop proprietor.

Website: https://www.outerlimitstattoo.com/


22 S. Chestnut Place, Long Beach, CA 90802
phone: 562.437.9121

2981 Bristol St Suite B4 Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, États-Unis



Checker Demon Tattoos, Stuttgart
LUKE ATKINSON – Checker Demon Tattoos – Jury TATTOO PLANETARIUM 2024

Luke Atkinson, an expatriate Englishman, underwent tattoo training in Cologne back in 1984.
Following his training, he embarked on extensive travels, immersing himself in tattoo culture across the globe.
He studied under notable figures such as Micky Sharpz in London, as well as in New York and Japan, where he had the privilege of learning from masters like Horiyoshi III and Horitoshi I, a transformative experience in his career.

In 1992, Luke settled in Stuttgart, where he established Checker Demon Tattoos, a renowned studio that has since hosted a roster of internationally acclaimed artists.



Specializing in contemporary Japanese style, Luke is hailed as a trailblazer in the genre, alongside peers such as Filip Leu, Mick from Zurich, and Tin-Tin, among others.
His distinctive flair extends beyond his artistry, with his vibrant attire and vintage New York taxi, a striking presence that accompanies him throughout his travels across Europe.

Location: Checker Demon Tattoos
Website: http://checker-demon-tattoos.de/en/studio/

Alarichstraße 21, 70469 Stuttgart, Allemagne
Phone: +49 711 816286




TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – Event organized by Tintin
37 rue de Douai, Paris, France, 75009
  • +33 1 40 23 07 90
  • tin-tin@tin-tin-tattoos.com
Sites web et liens sociaux
    • http://www.tin-tin-tattoos.com/

      Contact Tattoo Planetarium :

TATTOO-PLANETARIUM 2024 – 550 best tattoo artists from Around the World


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