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Wearable Artistry: Where Fashion Meets Canvas: Mitori Paris: Where Elegance Meets Haute Couture by Haute Couture by the visionary designer  Haruko Mitori 

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Mitori Paris: Where Elegance Meets Haute Couture by Haute Couture by the visionary designer  Haruko Mitori

Date: May 1 2024

Location: Paris, France

Mitori Paris is a renowned haute couture brand

Mitori Paris Haute Couture by Haruko Mitori – Wearable Artistry: Where Fashion Meets Canvas


Mitori Paris, is a renowned haute couture brand founded by Haute Couture by the visionary designer  Haruko Mitori from Paris, is available for sale in several European countries.
The brand epitomizes Parisian elegance and sophistication.
Introduced in Paris annually since 2008, it epitomizes the elegance and refined fragrance of the city, meticulously crafted for each woman and adorned with a touch of celebrity allure.”

Haruko Mitori, the founder of Mitori International Co., Ltd., has been making luxury dresses with a focus on art and fashion, and her work has gained acclaim internationally.Her brand, Mitori Pari, is sold in various European countries, and she has been announcing her collections in Paris every year since 2008.

Haruko Mitori has been making quite a splash in the fashion world.


 What makes Haruko Mitori truly unique:

“Wearable Artistry: Where Fashion Meets Canvas!


Mitori Paris Haute COuture by Haruko Mitori


Artistic Fusion
Mitori seamlessly blends fashion and art. Her designs aren’t just clothes; they’re wearable masterpieces. Imagine walking down the street in a dress that’s also a canvas—it’s that kind of magic.


Parisian Flair
Being based in Paris, Mitori draws inspiration from the city’s elegance. Her creations embody that timeless French chic. Whether it’s a flowing gown or a tailored suit, you can feel the Parisian vibe.


Obsession with Details
Haute couture demands perfection, and Mitori delivers. Every stitch, every fabric choice, every embellishment—it’s all meticulously thought out. Her attention to detail is awe-inspiring.


Celeb Connections
Mitori collaborates with artists and celebrities. Her designs grace red carpets, magazine covers, and high-profile events.

When you see a star shining in one of her outfits, you know it’s a Mitori creation.

Global Impact
 Beyond Paris, Mitori’s work resonates worldwide. Her collections are sought after by fashion-forward individuals everywhere. She’s redefining couture, making it accessible and exciting for a broader audience.

So, Haruko Mitori’s fusion of art, Parisian elegance, meticulous craftsmanship, celebrity cachet, and global influence make her truly unique in the haute couture scene. 


Haruko Mitori: A Creative Force

Mitori Paris Haute COuture by Haruko Mitori


Haruko Mitori began her journey in the fashion industry after working with Issey Miyake International Kabushiki Kaisha.

In 1986, Haruko Mitori founded Mitori International Co., Ltd. The company is based in Osaka marking the beginning of her design legacy., Japan, with a Paris contact office.

Her expertise extends beyond fashion, as she has also designed costumes for French chanson singer Yvette Giraud and other notable figures.

The Mitori Paris Haute Couture Collection continues to produce luxurious dresses with a strong international presence. Notably, she has worked with renowned artists. Beyond fashion, her artistic pursuits include gallery exhibitions and fashion art displays at the Louvre Museum.

In 2016, she received the Tokunomiya Cultural Award and has participated in fashion weeks in Monaco and Dubai. Considering her consistent presence in Paris and her commitment to creativity, Haruko Mitori certainly deserves more recognition.


Mitori Paris Collections

OSAKA COLLECTION 2022 – MITORI-PARIS Haute Couture by Haruko Mitori


Each Mitori Paris garment is meticulously crafted by hand, reflecting the brand’s commitment to luxury and exclusivity.
The brand’s runway shows and exclusive events showcase timeless pieces that capture the essence of Parisian allure.

Mitori Pari focuses on haute couture, meticulously crafting elegant and sophisticated pieces that capture the essence of Parisian style. Each creation is carefully finished, embodying the image of a celebrity.
But Haruko Mitori is not just a fashion designer; she’s also an artist.
She aims to connect fashion and art, creating a unique world on both sides.


Artistic Endeavors



Haruko Mitori is not only a fashion designer but also an artist:
She studied under Motoe Nagae in 2006, further refining her skills. Her fashion art exhibitions at the Louvre Museum received critical acclaim.
In 2016, she received the prestigious Imperial Household Agency Cultural Award.
Her influence extends beyond fashion, as she organized the Osaka Collection in 2019 and the Osaka International Collection in 2021.


Mitori Paris Today



The brand continues to create luxurious dresses that blend artistry with elegance.
Renowned artists and fashion enthusiasts alike appreciate the unique designs.

Mitori Paris participated in Monaco Fashion Week (2022) and Dubai Fashion Week (2023), solidifying its international presence.

Mitori Paris remains a beacon of creativity, where fashion and art converge.
Haruko Mitori’s legacy inspires designers and fashion lovers worldwide.




If you’re interested in exploring the world of haute couture further, you might want to check out the Paris Haute Couture exhibitions at the Palais Galliera or the Paris Musées.

Call: +33 6-6362-0907
Email: mitori.international@gmail.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/p/Mitori-100054407504548/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mitori_paris/
Website: mitori-jp.com



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