HOME &gt News &gt SPECIALIZING IN OVERSEAS MEDICAL CARE AND TELEHEALTH SOLUTIONS: NAZOUNKI Patient Placement – Placement in Secure Hospitals: “Navigating Care, Ensuring Security”

SPECIALIZING IN OVERSEAS MEDICAL CARE AND TELEHEALTH SOLUTIONS: NAZOUNKI Patient Placement – Placement in Secure Hospitals: “Navigating Care, Ensuring Security”

NAZOUNKI Patient Placement – Placement in Secure Hospitals: “Navigating Care, Ensuring Security”

Date:Mai 19 2024
Location: 130-132 rue de Normandie, 92400 Courbevoie (Paris la Défense)

Placement in Secure Hospitals

NAZOUNKI Placement in Secure Hospitals

Patients are placed in the most suitable and secure hospitals, where their medical needs are closely monitored by local specialists. This service aims to provide patients with optimal care while ensuring their safety and well-being during hospitalization.

If you’re interested in optimizing your hospital processes, Nazounki offers solutions such as electronic patient records, resource management, analysis, communication, and continuous training.
You can schedule a free demo to explore their tailored solutions for transforming your medical practice.

Overall, NAZOUNKI’s expertise allows them to determine the most appropriate solutions for various healthcare situations, ensuring quality care and effective medical support



NAZOUNKI – Air-Ambulance-évacuation-sanitaire-avion-médical


Nazounki is a company that operates in the healthcare sector, with a focus on providing medical services abroad.

A team dedicated to organising medical care abroad with :
A medical office staffed by experienced practitioners from different specialities.
They have a thorough knowledge of the medical environment (they live in and have practised in the town where you will receive treatment).

A multicultural medical logistics team, experienced in this particular type of assistance.

An administrative and financial department (for control, monitoring and evaluation).
They are fully conversant with all local and international quotations and rates. This department is responsible for monitoring financial and administrative control (various documents).


Patient, paying-party, Insurance:


– Conduct reliable and effective checkups
– Get the best care at the best costs, for you or your loved ones
– Find the best education and rehabilitation center
– Take care of recovery, you are accompanied, well treated, with respect, dignity.

Process of carefully selecting and assigning patients to hospitals



Placement in secure hospitals by Nazounki refers to the process of carefully selecting and assigning patients to hospitals that offer a high level of security.
Here are some key points about this service:

The primary goal of placement in secure hospitals is to ensure that patients receive appropriate care while minimizing risks related to their health condition or other factors. These hospitals are equipped to handle complex cases, including those involving mental health issues, behavioral challenges, or legal considerations.



Criteria for Placement:

Nazounki – Criteria for Placement Criteria-hierarchy-for-hospital-site-selection


Patients are placed in secure hospitals based on several factors:

Medical Needs: The hospital’s expertise matches the patient’s medical condition.

Security Level: Secure hospitals have varying levels of security, such as low, medium, or high. The placement depends on the patient’s risk profile.

Legal Considerations: Some patients may require secure facilities due to legal requirements (e.g., court orders).

Safety: Hospitals with enhanced security protocols ensure patient safety and prevent unauthorized access.


Types of Secure Hospitals

Nazounki_HOSPITAL SECURITY SERVICES-Types of Secure Hospitals

Hospitals, Care Center, or Diagnosis

NAZOUNKI – Hospitals, Care Center, or Diagnosis

– Digitize your procedures and process without harming, optimize your investments,
– Do you have recognized expertise in a given specificity?

Join Nazounki
– Become an international patient care centre
– Participate in projects development and sharing of care expertise in various countries.

NAZOUNKI Select the Best Secure and High Dependency Units (HDUs) for the patients:

Low Secure Units: These units provide care for patients who need a moderate level of security but do not pose an immediate risk to themselves or others.

Medium Secure Units: Patients with higher security needs, including those with severe mental health conditions or challenging behaviors, receive care here.

High Dependency Units (HDUs): These units cater to patients with critical medical conditions requiring close monitoring.

*Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs): For patients experiencing acute psychiatric crises.

*Secure Children’s Homes (SCHs): Facilities for young individuals with complex needs.

*Secure Training Centres (STCs) and Young Offender Institutions (YOIs): For young offenders requiring secure care.


Monitoring and Support:



*Patients placed in secure hospitals benefit from close monitoring by local specialists.
Their medical needs are carefully assessed and addressed.

*Security protocols ensure that patients remain safe during their stay.

In summary, Nazounki’s placement service aims to match patients with the most suitable and secure hospital environment based on their individual needs, ensuring quality care and safety throughout their treatment.


If you have specific questions about NAZOUNKI process or need further details, We recommend reaching out to Nazounki directly for personalized information.


NAZOUNKI stands out from other companies in the medical care field due to several unique features that prioritize patient well-being and quality of care.


Nazounki – Comprehensive Accompaniment:



*NAZOUNKI provides complete support to patients, ensuring they receive exceptional care wherever they are located.

Their services extend beyond mere medical assistance; they guide patients through the entire process, including administrative tasks, ensuring a seamless experience.


Patient-Centric Approach

*Unlike treating patients as mere customers, NAZOUNKI places immense importance on each patient’s well-being and individual needs.

*Their network of partners, specialists, and hospitals is carefully curated to provide personalized care that goes beyond standard protocols.


Global Network



*NAZOUNKI’s extensive network spans across borders, connecting patients with the best medical resources worldwide.

*Whether it’s telemedicine, e-health solutions, or on-site care, their reliable network ensures access to exceptional healthcare services.


In the care sector

Nazounki – Company-Specializing-in-overseas-medical-care

Over 2,500 senior doctors and professors in all specialties, selected according to precise criteria including competence, experience, and humanism.

More than 800 hospitals and hospitals (Teaching hospitals, Regional hospitals, Clinics etc.

Public or private held in a manner that is elective according to technicality, safety, quality of care, organization of professionnals, listening and respect, but also the quality and level of its administrative and financial services


Different Specialized institutions

More than a dozen air ambulances, and also regular air companies with stretcher

  • 50+ Ambulance Companies: Ground or ambulance boats

  • Thousands of partners in passenger transport

  • Partnership with the largest taxi companies

  • VTC (passenger car with driver) selected on the basis of rigorous cries

  • Partnerships with several well-known hotels chains, and other accommodations.


Diagnostic center

NAZOUNKI – Diagnostic center


Ten or more Health Checkout Centers

  • Multiple Medical Biology Laboratories

  • Medical imaging centres and functional exploration centres.

  • Home Hospitalization Structures, and parametrical-Rehabilitation Centers

  • Preventive medical centres.

  • A set allowing the optimization of a treatment path.


Quality Care Anywhere

NAZOUNKI believes that exceptional care should be accessible regardless of geographical boundaries.

They leverage technology (such as telemedicine) to bridge gaps and provide top-notch medical services to patients globally.


Hospital Digitalization

Nazounki Hospital Digitalization


*NAZOUNKI assists hospitals in optimizing their processes through digital solutions.

Their tailored offerings include electronic patient records, resource management, data analysis, communication tools, and continuous training.


Expertise of Dr. Sayavé GNOUMO

Expertise of Dr. Sayavé-GNOUMOU Portrait


Dr. Sayavé GNOUMO, a renowned surgeon and summit specialist in his field, adds credibility to NAZOUNKI’s services.

His expertise ensures that patients receive guidance from a highly qualified professional who understands their unique medical requirements.


Dr. Sayave Gnoumou: A Pioneering Surgeon Redefining Humanitarian Medicine

Dr. Sayave Gnoumou, – A Pioneering Surgeon Redefining Humanitarian Medicine – Dr Sayave Gnoumou Receiving the World Telemedicine Grand Prix in 2009


Dr. Sayave Gnoumou, a prominent Burkinabe surgeon, carved a remarkable path after specializing in France.
His expertise spans across urology, emergency medicine, and oncology, solidifying his reputation as a skilled and versatile surgeon.

Dr. Gnoumou‘s influence extended beyond national borders. He served as a correspondent for the American Hospital in Paris, showcasing his global reach and expertise.

However, a spirit of innovation propelled Dr. Gnoumou to address a critical gap in patient care. Witnessing the challenges faced by culturally and geographically displaced patients during medical evacuations, he recognized the need for specialized and holistic medical assistance.
This vision led to the creation of NAZOUNKI, an organization redefining the standards of humanitarian medicine.


  • Stronger opening
    Forged a remarkable career
  • Specificity
    Skilled and versatile surgeon » in « accumulating expertise » to better represent his skills.
  • Emphasis on Innovation
     Emphasized Dr. Gnoumou‘s innovative spirit in driving the creation of NAZOUNKI.
  • Complex challenges encountered during patient medical evacuation » as challenges faced by culturally and geographically displaced patients.
  • Committed to providing specialized and holistic medical assistance » into « an organization redefining the standards of humanitarian medicine » with an impactful ending.




Nazounki’s services cover a wide range of pathologies and act as a direct intermediary between the patient, their practitioner, health centers, and payers. The company collaborates with structures such as the Ministry of Healthlarge companies, and insurers.

In addition to his role at Nazounki, Dr. Gnoumou is also the coordinator of e-health programs at Nazounki Global Medical Network France.
He has contributed to the development of the Mobile Care Unit (MCU), a revolutionary tool in telemedicine.





In summary, NAZOUNKI’s commitment to comprehensive support, patient-centric care, global networking, and innovative solutions sets them apart from other companies in the healthcare industry. If you’re seeking exceptional medical services with a personal touch, NAZOUNKI is an excellent choice

Nazounki, Placement in Secure Hospitals

The resume itself focuses on experience in general distribution and IT equipment sales, not healthcare or secure hospitals.

Nazounki is a good fit for a different role within a secure hospital, given some assumptions.
Here’s the services:

Nazounki‘s background in sales and distribution, particularly their experience in relationship management, communication, and organization, could be valuable assets in a secure hospital setting. Their skills in:

Client/Customer Relationship Management
Nazounki’s experience building relationships with clients in the technology sector could translate to building rapport with patients, families, or even hospital staff.

 Effective communication is crucial in any healthcare setting. Nazounki’s experience in clear and concise communication with clients could be beneficial in interacting with various stakeholders within the hospital.

Organization and Time Management
Hospitals function in fast-paced environments. Nazounki‘s experience in managing orders, deadlines, and ensuring smooth operations could be an asset in a secure hospital where organization is essential.


NAZUNKI Patient placement

However, it’s important to acknowledge the lack of direct experience in healthcare

Nazounki – exceptional medical care – healthCare in France

Nazounki represent the best medical services & analyze for the patients:

Highlight transferable skills
Nazounki‘s emphasize the best  existing skills can be applied to a healthcare environment.

Express willingness to learn
A full range of services up to date to offer the best services to a patient. Nazounki’s enthusiasm for learning new things and their commitment to adapting to the specific requirements of a secure hospital.

Focus on relevant achievements
If Nazounki has accomplishments in sales or distribution that showcase skills applicable to healthcare (e.g., exceeding sales targets through exceptional customer service), highlight those achievements.


Office: + 33147893315
Mobile: +336 61 35 12 27
Adress: 130 Rue de Normandie, 92400 Courbevoie
Website: https://nazounki.org/politique-de-confidentialite?lng=en-US

Email: info@nazounki.org


NAZOUNKI Seen in the media




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NAZOUNKI- Pioneering the Future of Global Healthcare – 130-132 rue de Normandie, 92400 Courbevoie (Paris la Défense)