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Influential Figures from the Investment World to discuss pivotal Trends Shaping the Industry in 2024.: Navigating the Future of Investment and AI Technology: Insights from the International Investment Congress


Navigating the Future of Investment and AI Technology: Insights from the International Investment Congress

Date: May 25, 2024

Venue: Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion Cannes

The International Investment Congress Press Conference held in Cannes on May 24, 2024.

The Stalwart AI French Riviera Congress: An eagerly anticipated event, the Congress Awards 2024, is set to unfold alongside the illustrious Cannes Film Festival. Scheduled from May 21st to May 25th, this remarkable gathering promises to be a harmonious blend of elegance, cultural heritage, and altruistic endeavors.
Against the backdrop of the breathtaking French Riviera vistas, attendees will converge in celebration, fostering connections and embracing the spirit of collaboration.



The International Investment Congress Press Conference, a prestigious event traditionally hosted in Cannes, took place on May 24th at the renowned Hotel Barriere GRAY ALBION during the Cannes Film Festival.

Organized by Anna Stukkert and Thomas Misse, this conference brought together influential figures from the investment world to discuss pivotal trends shaping the industry in 2024.


Highlighted Program

  • 17:30: Guests Arrival & Red Carpet
  • 18:30: Fashion Show
  • 19:30: Cocktail Reception & Live Music
  • 20:30: Exquisite Dinner in Salon Croisette
  • Speeches
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Entertainment
  • Raffles & Auctions
  • Dancefloor
  • 01:00: Conclusion of the Evening


Key Highlights

Anna Stukkert’s Role

As the founder of ICI, she brings together economic and political leaders to explore business opportunities, particularly in luxury and high-end real estate.
 Stukkert’s expertise extends beyond borders, bridging the gap between decision-makers from both established and emerging economies in the ever-evolving global landscape.


 Stalwart AI Anna Stukkert highlighted


A Model for Profitable Investments

During the conference, Anna Stukkert highlighted Stalwart AI as a prime example of successful investments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Stalwart AI, led by CEO Sergey Nemesh, stands out for its next-generation stablecoin.

This innovative product leverages AI to revolutionize investment strategies, saving time and resources.
The integration of traditional assets with cryptocurrencies opens up diverse investment opportunities for forward-thinking investors.


Sergey Nemesh – CEO, Stalwart AI

  • Sergey Nemesh – CEO, Stalwart AI – Blockchain Development



Konstantine Morosheen – CEO, Algoritmic Lab (Stalwart AI managing company)

Konstantine Morosheen, the visionary CEO of Algoritmic Lab -Stalwart AI management company


Konstantine Morosheen – CEO, Algoritmic Lab (Stalwart AI managing company), a man on a mission to revolutionize business with the power of adaptive neural networks.
He’s a visionary leader at the forefront of integrating AI and cryptocurrency—a trend that has gained significant traction in the Web3 segment.

Under his guidance, Algorithmic Lab has successfully developed Stalwart, an innovative AI-powered ecosystem tailored for cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts. Stalwart combines the best features of stablecoins with traditional assets like gold, bonds, low-volatility stocks, and ETF funds.

What sets it apart is its utilization of artificial intelligence to manage wealth effectively, even during turbulent market conditions.

Additionally, Stalwart offers secure wallets for financial management, online payments, and staking, making it accessible to a wide audience


Andreas Thalassinos, Partner at Stalwart AI, opened the panel discussions

Professor Andreas Thalassinos, Director of Education at NAGA


Andreas Thalassinos, Partner at Stalwart AI, shed light on the STALWART AI system.

This cutting-edge technology automates asset rebalancing within the Stalwart ecosystem.
Its unique feature lies in continuous sentiment analysis, dynamically adjusting asset allocation in real-time.
By monitoring verified sources, the AI system ensures optimal stability and precision in risk management.


Mr. Andreas Thalassinos, a pioneer in technical analysis and traders’ education, holds a prominent position in the financial industry. His extensive career has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge, which he now shares with the NAGA community.

As the Director of Education at NAGA, Mr. Thalassinos guides traders and investors through a variety of educational materials, including eBooks, webinars, and seminars.

His mission is to empower traders with accurate and valuable insights, ensuring they make informed decisions in the dynamic world of trading.


Cannes, France—May 24, 2024

Anna Stukkert, represents the International Investment Congress (ICI)


A significant milestone has been achieved in the field of asset management as Cannes Algoritmic Lab unveils its groundbreaking AI and blockchain ecosystem: Stalwart AI.

This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge blockchain technologies and neural networks to transform how investors monitor, analyze, and manage digital assets.

At the core of this ecosystem lies Stalwart AI, an autonomous module that is reshaping the landscape of financial management.

Feel free to explore more about Algoritmic Lab and its revolutionary products on their official website.

The lab specializes in crafting technology products infused with artificial intelligence, simplifying familiar workflows and enhancing everyday life.

With a focus on practical benefits and measurable results, Algoritmic Lab aims to empower users through AI-driven solutions across various domains, from finance to medicine and marketing

Remember, the future is bright with Stalwart AI leading the way!

Notably, this solution fills a void in the market, as no comparable system has existed globally until now.



Investment Congress Awards



The conference celebrated organizations that made significant contributions to the investment industry.

Companies, funds, platforms, brokers, advisers, and even the fashion industry received recognition for their outstanding performance and unique attributes. These acts set them apart from their peers, emphasizing the importance of innovation and excellence in the investment landscape.


Innovations in Water Purification



Denys Sribnyi, founder of AKVANTIS, took the stage to discuss the company’s groundbreaking water purification systems.

Based in Bavaria, AKVANTIS aims to enhance global health by providing pure, healthy water through advanced filtration technologies.

Their production methods set a new standard in water treatment, emphasizing sustainability and quality of life.


Alina Kremss

Alina Kremss is Legendary moderator. Partner of communication , interpreter


Alina Kremss – Legendary moderator. Partner of communication , interpreter of the  president of Ukraine Leonyd Kravchuk (1992), at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, joint venture of Coca-Cola in Kyiv. Foto 3 

Special AWARDSInnovations in Water Purification

Alina Kremss – Legendary moderator. Partner of communication




Denys Sribnyi, the visionary founder of AKVANTIS, is poised to delve into the intricacies of the company’s groundbreaking water purification systems. Hailing from the picturesque region of Bavaria, AKVANTIS is on a noble quest to enhance global well-being by delivering pristine, healthful water through cutting-edge filtration technologies.

Their unwavering mission centers around elevating the quality of life for individuals by granting them access to pure, revitalizing water.

Notably, AKVANTIS has set a new industry benchmark with their innovative production methods in water treatment technology.

Stay hydrated, and let the ripple effect of AKVANTIS’s commitment to purity resonate across the world! 💧🌍




Cryptocurrency and Technological Innovations

A highlight of the conference was the focused discussion on digital finance compliance. Dmitry Konoval, Chairman of a leading blockchain technology company, and Sean Michael Brehm, CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, shared insights into strategic mining operations and revolutionary trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market.


Dmitry Konoval


Dmitry Konoval, responsible for marketing efforts and market expansion at the Node Nexus Network project, aims to establish the network as a prominent player in this dynamic field.

Dmitry Konoval

As Chairman, Dmitry is a driving force behind strategic mining operations and groundbreaking trading strategies that are reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape.

His insights promise to revolutionize how we approach digital assets, making them more accessible and lucrative for investors.

Dmitry also spearheads marketing efforts and strategic market expansion for the Node Nexus Network project.

His innovative marketing strategies enhance the project’s visibility and user engagement, ensuring it stands out in the competitive blockchain arena.

With Dmitry’s expertise, Node Nexus Network aims to be a global player, setting new standards in blockchain technology.

Sean Michael Brehm is the founder, and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies



As CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, Sean brings visionary leadership to the table.

His strategic vision aligns with the company’s mission to drive technological advancements and foster growth.

Sean’s commitment to excellence ensures that CrowdPoint Technologies remains at the forefront of market trends, delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Sean Brehm is the founder, and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies. After serving as an airborne ranger qualified infantry officer, Brehm applied his military science background at IBM and later founded his first companies, YaData and Gradient Cyber.

YaData went beyond the concept of data sharing and correlation. The company delivered analytic platforms that integrated human lessons learned from complex combat operations. After selling the company, Brehm and his team’s vision expanded to build @RISK Technologies, now Gradient Cyber. Today this company focuses on democratizing cyber security analytics for the mid-market.


Sean Michael Brehm is the founder, and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies


Brehm, driven by entrepreneurial energy, has once again founded CrowdPoint Technologies.
This company is dedicated to safeguarding the human right to privacy.
CrowdPoint’s mission is to integrate AI, Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to democratize Big Data, ensuring the protection and empowerment of individual identities.
The emerging Blockchain Ecosystem holds the potential to revolutionize privacy and cybersecurity. Additionally, the company has partnered with the Cyber Privacy Exchange, a Blockchain Marketplace, to market their patented software technologies, VRAI™ and NoWare™. 🌐



The International Investment Congress Press Conference provided a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries to shape the future of investment and AI technology.

As the industry continues to evolve, events like these play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving positive change.


Rex Fernando – Ceo & Owner of AEFW (Asian European Fashion Week) & President of Massira Inclusive
Building a School for Children With Special Needs 

Global Finance AssemblyTop New Venture Recognition Ceremony 2024” The essence of celebrating excellence and recognizing outstanding initiatives at the International Investment Congress;

Honoring Outstanding Achievements: The Prestigious Massira Inclusive & Asian European Fashion Week Grand Prix.
” The International Investment Congress has honored us with the esteemed Grand Prix.

This recognition is in tribute to Rex Fernando’s unwavering commitment to projects aimed at integrating individuals with limited mobility. The combined efforts of our entire team and the initiatives we’ve undertaken at MASSIRA INCLUSIVE have led to the resounding success of this event.” The jury members were deeply moved by our initiative.


Rex Fernando”We extend our heartfelt thanks to: Ayesha Rodrigo, whose unwavering dedication fueled our mission, Nolwen, a beacon of support, The Lions Club of Colombo Serendib, whose partnership strengthened our cause, The gracious hospitality of The Colombo Kingburry Hotel, represented by Thomas Mise.”




  • President Rex Christy Fernando: Our guiding force.
  • Event Organization: Rex Christy Fernando and the dynamic team.
  • Sri Lanka Organizers: Rizwan FA & Ramesh Ibrahim Uvais.

Together, we celebrate compassion, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of inclusion. 🌟



Contact Email: studiofdo@hotmail.com

Dr. Antonio Gellini

Royal Gentlemen presents International Investment Congress – Dr Antonio Gellini


Dr. Antonio Gellini, the founder and president of the World Film Institute, the Olympia Awards, and the Family Film Awards, has garnered global recognition for his exceptional work in directing. His influence extends far and wide, making him one of the foremost figures in the film industry. Dr. Gellini’s journey has been shaped by his upbringing as the son of a diplomat, having lived in 23 different countries. However, it was in Los Angeles that his dream of globalizing the art of filmmaking truly came to fruition.

Dr. Antonio Gellini, the founder and president – World Film Institute


Through the World Film Institute, Dr. Gellini has established a vital resource for filmmakers, film students, and movie enthusiasts worldwide. His commitment to uniting people through the “Seven Arts of the World”—including theatre, music, dance, film, painting, sculpture, and literature—has built bridges across diverse cultures. Notably, he champions healthy family entertainment and consistently produces three family-oriented films annually, setting a standard in the film industry.

The Family Film Awards, initiated by Dr. Gellini, have honored esteemed actors and directors such as Sandra Bullock, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, Steven Spielberg, and Clint Eastwood. These awards celebrate excellence and contribute to American culture and society. Dr. Gellini’s vision extends beyond accolades; he uses his platform to promote race, gender, and ethnic equality. Each year, over 56 million TV viewers in the USA tune in to CBS for the presentation of the Family Film Award.


Sakis Nicolaou, the Managing Director of Prestige Show Production


On the other hand, Sakis Nicolaou, the Managing Director of Prestige Show Production, delves into investment opportunities within the fashion and event industry. His exploration highlights the potential for growth and innovation in these dynamic sectors. As the founder of S. Prestige Show Production, Sakis Nicolaou has organized official beauty contestsfashion weeksfashion shows, and various events. Collaborating with renowned fashion designers and participating in global events like Fashion Week in DubaiMilano Fashion Week, and the Cannes Film Festival, his work contributes significantly to the industry’s vibrancy and evolution.

In summary, Dr. Antonio Gellini’s impact on the film industry and Sakis Nicolaou’s ventures in fashion and events underscore the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that drives these influential personalities forward. 🎬

Sakis Nicolaou, the Managing Director of Prestige Show Production

Tati Eickhoff

Royal-Gentlemen-presents-International-Investment-Congress – Tati Eickhoff


Tati Eickhoff, a prominent European artist, has gained recognition for exhibiting her works in prestigious international art shows and winning several awards. She is the visionary founder of the renowned art school “ARTTATI”.
Currently, Tati leads exclusive art journeys to Italy and France through the Creative Club ARTTATITRAVEL, providing participants with a unique cultural experience and plein air painting.

To explore more about these captivating art travels, visit ARTTATI’s website and ARTTATITRAVEL’s website. Her distinctive artistic vision and storytelling through paintings resonate globally, as her captivating artworks find their place in private collections worldwide.

Bon Blé France:

Bon Blé France is not your typical PR and e-commerce company.
It is a dynamic platform dedicated to propelling brands to the forefront of their industries.

As a partner of the Congress Awards, Bon Blé France goes beyond being an agency; it serves as a powerful voice for those who have long been unheard. Through strategic promotion and amplification, Bon Blé France ensures that deserving brands receive the recognition they deserve.

Bon Blé France is an innovative platform that transcends the conventional boundaries of public relations (PR) and e-commerce. Unlike traditional companies in these domains, Bon Blé France operates with a dynamic approach, aiming to elevate brands and position them at the forefront of their respective industries.

Shifteh Maryan

Shifteh Maryan, an Austrian visual jewelry artist, creates extravagant and luxurious art pieces. Her work has graced prestigious events such as Miss Earth Austria and Miss Universe Middle East, as well as various luxury exhibitions in the USA. Shifteh is renowned for her exquisite jewelry featured at Vienna Balls and other international gatherings. Each piece she crafts is meticulously handmade, often using the most exclusive stones. Her artistic flair and dedication have made her a standout figure in the world of jewelry design.


Dana York


Dana York, an American painter of Romanian origin, has found her artistic home in France, specifically in Cannes on the beautiful Côte d’Azur. Beyond her creative pursuits, Dana also practices as a periodontal surgeon. Her international career has taken her from New York to LondonJerusalemMonaco, and Paris. Dana’s art is essential—recognized and celebrated. Inspired by medieval Hebrew marriage contracts known as “Ketubot”, she employs the technique of reverse glass painting on glass and plexiglass panels. Her captivating works explore themes of love, tolerance, peace, generosity, abundance, and tranquility. Dana York’s multifaceted journey continues to enrich the art world. 🎨🌟




Iris, the Goodwill Ambassador for IIMSAM International, serves as an accredited observer at the United Nations, advocating for important global causes.”

Additionally, Iris is the visionary founder of the Global Women Leaders Conference, a platform dedicated to highlighting the remarkable contributions of women to society.
Through this initiative, she aims to foster cultural exchange and support talented fashion designers and models from Latin America, establishing connections with countries across the globe, including Morocco, the UAEJapan, and her upcoming venture in Egypt.


Media Contact Stukkert&Co: 

Name: Anna Stukkert
Company Name: Stukkert&Co
Email: info@congressrealty.com




Thomas Misse is the President of Royal Gentlemen, a style agency based in Monte Carlo.

The brand embraces the concept of lifestyle and art de vivre, which combines elements rooted in history and culture.

These elements signify good tasteaesthetics, attention to detail, freedom, and excellence in all forms.
Despite the overuse of the term “art de vivre” today, it remains grounded in a commitment to living life fully and appreciating the finer things .

Royal Gentlemen offers a range of services, including complete makeoversshopping supportpersonal shoppingwardrobe styling, and more.
Their focus is on originality and creativity, making them a standout in the world of fashion and lifestyle .
If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on personal style, Thomas and the Royal Gentlemen team are the ones to turn to! 🎩🌟




VISIT PAVILLON ROYAL 14th-24th May 2024, Hôtel Barrière le GRAY d’Albion , CANNES

Gala Diner and Congress Awards organized by Thomas

Royal Gentlemen , the „ Grand Art de vivre „ is not just an extravagant lifestyle with parties, luxury cars and Haute-Couture fashion.




Given Royal Gentlemen’s dedication to creativity and lifestyle, any collaboration with Romance and Passion is likely to be something special. Keep an eye out for updates—they might unveil exciting projects or events together! 🌟👔🎨

As for the Pavillon Royal event with Royal Gentlemen, it promises something truly special. Royal Gentlemen, based in Monte Carlo, is a lifestyle platform that offers services in eventsconciergeonline shoppingproduct placementfashion styling, and more .
The collaboration between Clinic Lémanic and Royal Gentlemen at Pavillon Royal adds an exciting dimension to their offerings. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation or a style transformation, this partnership brings together the best of aesthetics and lifestyle. 🌟👑




Call: +33 6 16 39 68 36
Email: info@royalgentlemen.fr
Website: royalgentlemen.fr


Avant-garde designer _ « Things only matter if you make them matter. »



Abay Mona, was founded by Isabelle Brou. Each piece she designs is a unique work of art, allowing wearers to express their originality. When you wear an Abay Mona creation, you step into a character that transcends time. Isabelle Brou’s designs are deeply spiritual, honoring traditions while encouraging a fresh perspective on existence. As she aptly puts it, “Les choses n’ont d’importance que si tu leur en donnes” (Things only matter if you make them matter) Abay Mona’s approach to fashion is both thought-provoking and liberating, inviting us to redefine our relationship with clothing and self-expression.


FASHION AND STYLE (ABAYMONA) – Avant-garde designer _ « Things only matter if you make them matter. »

Contact Abay Mona:

Contact 💌 isabellebrou@gmail.com




Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Cannes, between the seafront and the prestigious designer boutiques in the main shopping district3. The address is 38, rue des Serbes, 06400 Cannes, France

38 Rue des Serbes, 06400 Cannes

Téléphone : +33 4 92 99 79 79

Website: hotelsbarriere.com



Media Partners:


AI FASHION MAG by Zou & Katia

This pioneering AI fashion magazine showcases the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity harmonizes with cutting-edge technology.


Talking about artificial intelligence (AI), let imagine scenarios movies where robots gain consciousness and turn against humans.
However, in reality, AI is already being utilized in various beneficial ways, such as aiding in medical research and providing customer support.
As AI continues to advance, its potential applications will only expand.

One fascinating area of AI is the concept of friendly AI. This involves using AI to assist human in achieving their goals, rather than working in opposition to us.
For instance, friendly AI could be employed to discover eco-friendly sources of energy or to help us manage the finances in a manner that enhances our overall well-being.


Royal Gentlemen presents International Investment Congress -Cannes Film Festival 77TH Edition 2024 – DN-A INTERNATIONAL


DN-A INTERNATIONAL aims to support and elevate the creative voices of the continent, fostering growth, recognition, and opportunities for African talents.

Remember, the goal of DN-A INTERNATIONAL is to provide the offer an unparalleled digital journey.

Media Partner – Premium Editor:
Editorial: DNA – International
Photographer: Dan NGUYEN


Royal Gentlemen presents International Investment Congress -Cannes Film Festival 77TH Edition 2024 – DN-A INTERNATIONAL – Massira Inclusive Best Initiative Event Awards 2024 Winner Rex Fernando Ceo & Owner AEFW – Massira Inclusive


Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion Cannes


Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion Cannes exterior