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FALL PROV Humanitarian Fashion 2018

African Fashion Style by FALL PROV

Fashion and Humanitarian by Rallye-Inter.com

 African Fashion Style : how to combine fashion with humanitarian ?

PARIS DAKAR Humanitarian Fashion / The Terrestrial Caravan  – from feb 8th to 26th 2018 by Rallye-Inter.com

ORIGINS OF THE PROJECT is an « Intercultural Dialogue » to bring people together through communication by Volunteers in Europe and Africa.  Alexis Darne, has initiated this project in 2015

During a professional trip to Dakar, Alexis meets Xavier Simonin, the founder of the Festival « À Sahel Ouvert ». The stakes of these two creators of meetings between cultures converge on a format Rally + Festival.

FALL PROV, fashion designer from Senegal, has joined the participants  for this edition will do a fashion show  in a poor suburb of Dakar – Diamaguene to make a happening around the Rallye-Inter.com

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About : Rallye-Inter.com

The Intercultural Caravan will cross Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, and to Conakry, the final destination.

The purpeous
For this 2nd edition, the main issue is the dialogue between cultures of the north and the south.The participants will live an extraordinary experience, rich in cultural discoveries.

Three challenges for the 2018 edition

Two Caravans for one causes

Teams on the road will not be alone. At least 2 microlights and 2 DA40 Aéropartage fly over ground vehicles from Paris to Dakar, in the footsteps of Saint Exupéry (Citadel program). The two groups support each other and raise challenges on the theme of intercultural dialogue.

The vehicles are also loaded with books for children. These books will be used to develop a school library in Conakry.

EDUCATION challenge: the participants animate reflections on themes developed by Saint-Exupéry and by local authors, with the students and teachers of more than twelve schools of the course with correspondence meetings with schools in France, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.
CULTURAL DISCOVERY Challenge: crafts, cooking, lifestyles, dressing, greeting, etc.The participants take up challenges along the route between Paris and Dakar
CHALLENGE DEBATES WITH THE PREMISES on current topics with people crossed during stops.

After two weeks of traveling, participants present their discoveries at itinerant exhibitions / workshops at the stages of Mboumba and Dakar using the media at their disposal (smartphone, audio, travel diary, polaroids).

Contact : +
Association Dialogue Interculturel
17 rue Cavé, 75018, Paris (FRANCE)
Web site : Rallye-Inter.Com



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