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African Fashion Week NC
Integrating cultures through fashion

African Fashion Week NC (AFWNC) was founded in August 2016 with the aim to help promote the advancement of African inspired fashion products in North Carolina.

African Fashion Industry is a growing and evolving industry. Many African designers are having difficulty entering the market because of challenges and many other obstacles.

African Fashion Week NC

Goals is to help small businesses and startups with exposure and many other expert services.

AFWNC desire is to channel and support the growth and evolution of African inspired fashion products. The will are always seeking and recruiting the best to help educate and help others in the industry to achieve success.

AFWNC understand the need for collaboration, partnership, and unity. This is one of the reasons why the organisation want reach out to anybody irrespective of country, religion, culture, and sexual orientation.

AFWNC strongly believe that the greatest among Africans lye in the differences. AFWNC is not only about fashion, but also a medium to instill and help African cultures to proliferate. Any ideas are welcome and input that can be useful and will contribute towards success for every one.


AFWNC 2017

Contact :
P.  (984) 999-0840
Location : Office present in Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, NC
United States





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