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Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant 2018

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Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant 2018

3 Days Festival to celebrate International Beauty by 15 Delegates acting as an event-tourism, pageants as a platform for women’s
empowerment issues.


Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant

will be  hosted in Seychelles, will serve as an excellent opportunity to transform worldwide thinking on
pageant stereotypes and will also provide a platform to re-orient international public perception on the relevance of pageantry.


Date : Oct 20th 2018

Location : Beau Vallon Hotel – Seychelles

Schedule : 6.30 pm


A New International pageant Standard

This pageant would set new international standards – in terms of content and style elevating all stakeholders which includes participant, partner,
patron, philanthropist, prospect (delegate, public and private sector, attendee, charity, international organization), by engaging a win-win
formula with respect to steering production design and production management, to realize exceptional branding potential.

From a Public Relations Perspective, this pageant would render pioneering status to the host country, acting as an event-tourism catalyst
to propel its destination marketing strategies. Here, the critical role of public-­‐private partnership will come into play.

The Miss Creole International Pageant shall embrace the emergence of a ‘new-order’ beauty.

Recognizing a modern, progressive, all-inclusive, global beauty ideal, conditioned, as it were, by the miscegenation of cultures, the
re-evaluation of ‘prototype’ beauty, the appreciation of ethnic diversity, the dynamic admixture of global style. In a word, the platform will propel
and celebrate the creolization of the beauty concept.



Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant by Tellymodelling Agency Telly – Seychelles 2018


Three Days Festival

This pageant would manifest itself within a three (3) day festival, utilizing the delegates more as brand ambassadors than staunch
competitors, to unravel the multicultural stories of their ‘new age’ existence, ultimately contributing to the re-tooling efforts of their
respective Tourism and cultural departments in Seychelles.


Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant Vision

The pageant must pay tribute to environmental awareness, sustainable tourism and indigenous fashion/design practices, utilizing creative non-
traditional methodologies.

The pageant will serve as a corollary for the globalization of the fashion/beauty/creative arts and, moreover, serve to mobilize an
appreciation of art fusion, so essential to substantiate ‘transforming our world’ and ‘melting pot’ ideology.


Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant Target

The pageant will target no less than 15 delegates to reinforce its international appeal, originating from countries where there exist unique
admixtures of cultural influences. The presence of such miscegenation of culture speaks to the concept of a creole identity which is trail blazingly
modern, culturally relevant and sustainably innovative.

The target countries may come from New World/creole cultures – Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), Caribbean countries, Pacific islands, Islands of the world- (The reference for selection can be developed. International intergovernmental organizations spawned in the last century. This is merely scope for reference)



Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant 2017  by Telly Modelling Agency Telly – Seychelles 2018


Multi Cultural Delegates as a platform for women’s empowerment

The participation of this distinctive cross-section of multicultural delegates would bring to bear that the traditional psyche on pageants is
transforming and, which in turn, would render a new intelligence, as it were, on the mission of pageants as a platform for women’s
empowerment issues.


Organizer : Telly’s Modeling agency 2018, Miss Creole International



Miss Creole International Beauty Pageant by Telly Modellin Agency Telly – Seychelles 2018  – Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, Beau Vallon



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