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Pathé’O honored during Dior Cruise Show 2020

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Date : April 29th 2019

Location : El Badi Palace – Marrakech (Morocco)

Pathé’O honored during the Dior cruise show – « Croisière 2020 »

This collection is centered on the know-how and the African creativity, with the invitation of the famous creator Pathé’O. Maison Dior launched the tempo on Africa on Monday, April 29 during its Marrakech cruise parade.


Pathé’O, famous Ivorian creator

Pathé’O, famous Ivorian creator, who opened the show.
Pathé’O and Maria Grazia Chiuri,  a true collaboration between the two artists, for this collection « Croisière 2020 ».
The artistic director left this distinguished guest carte blanche, which allowed Pathé’O to express himself freely and to interpret as he wished the codes of the Maison Dior.


Pathé’O honored during Dior Cruise Show 2020 show in Marrakech – Collection Croisière 2020 – Location El Badi Palace


Venue -El Badi Palace

It is in the magical setting of the Moroccan palace El Badi that Dior presented its Cruise 2020 show. Imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Artistic Director of the House of Women collections


Pathé’O Career

In 1965 that Pathe left his native Upper Volta to settle in Ivory Coast. And it is thanks to his genius in the art of sewing and his relentless work that he has managed to climb to the top.
Today, Pathé’O has several shops in which he exhibits his creations. When asked how he did it, he says:

Pre for an agricultural trade, his real name Paté, will begin in Treichville, a sewing school.
Passionate about this activity, he will spend all his days and nights there, as he says: « I slept in the workshop on sewing machines, it was a need for me ».
There followed various experiments where he began to work with the man and then the woman, with the aim of perfecting his technique.

Pathé’O create his own brand in 1977, Pathé’O  wanted to become independent and integrate into the professional world.

Pathé’O creativity and  style on fabrics and prints will mark the spirits and thus become his trademark that makes him, today, so famous.

For this international event, Pathé’O imagined a shirt and skirt with the image of Nelson Mandela, a leader whose costumes he designed for a long time.


Pathé’O honored during Dior Cruise Show 2020 show in Marrakech – Collection Croisière 2020 – Location El Badi Palace


Pathé’O create a flagship piece for Dior Cruise 2020

Solicited to create the flagship piece of the last Dior Cruise show in tribute to Nelson Mandela, Pathé’O unveils the outlines of this unprecedented collaboration.
In an exclusive interview with the editor, the one who dressed the greatest  Africans.

Pathé’O, who’s designed a special shirt for the show – crafted from wax and emblazoned with Nelson Mandela’s face on the back – speaks of the immense sense of pride he feels to be a part of the collaboration.
Pathé’O, says, “The impact of this collection will echo across Africa, and the world”.

Pathé’O had dressed 10 presidents in Africa.
For Pathé’O is a long process decades of work and risk taking.
Pathé’O was one of the first designer to create in a in africa  where consumers are influenced only by what comes from outside.


Pathé’O create a flagship piece for Dior Cruise show show in Marrakech – Collection Croisière 2020 – Location El Badi Palace


Discover the Dior Cruise 2020 show


Watch this video gathering some of the highlights, including key looks from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collection, inspired by the plurality of cultures and savoir-faire.


Pathé’O – Luxury Ready to Wear shop

Pathé’O success come  by his  tenacity, a lot of work, patience and lots of  risks.

A success of a brand  is to match the offer to get the result of consumer demands.
In a changing environment, you have to evolve with it.
To be closer to our customers, Pathé’O decided to set up these Pathé’O points of sale.
For a shirt, customers will no longer come to Treichville to buy, they will go to the point of sale near their place of residence.

Pathé’O went through several stages to reach this level today. It was necessary to prove the legitimacy as a designer in Africa.
When Pathé’O had started, this job was unknown or marginalized.
The designers, couturiers were associated with the last ones.
They were considered  as one of the trades reserved for the « losers ».
There is also the difficulty in the industry itself.

Pathé’O  win the gold scissors won in 97. The contest organized by UNIWAX, the first major contest for couturier in Ivory Coast.
Pathé’O   was also the first laureate. It gave me a reputation.

Pathé’O dressed for Miss Ivory Coast contest during 10 years.
All of those expériences contributed to our solidification and also the meeting with Miriam Makeba and especially Nelson Mandela.

Meeting with Maria Gracia CHIURI

First of all, Pathé’O say that the project is only in its first phase of implementation.
The house Dior decided to work the Wax loincloth for 2020.
She was looking for authentic wax loincloth, made in Africa, by Africans. That’s why they naturally turned to UNIWAX.
It was introduced to me by one of my acquaintances, the anthropologist Anne Grosfilley who studies the loincloth.
Maria Gracia CHIURI was accompanied by her team of about 8 women to the workshop of Pathé’O. 

Maria Gracia CHIURI told Pathé’O that she wanted to collaborate with the designer by using the photo of Nelson Mandela on all loincloths.
Pathé’O agreed, before referring him to the Nelson Mandela Foundation for questions relating to the image of the former South African president.
After discussions, the people in charge of the foundation explained to the Dior team that Nelson Mandela did not associate his image with projects intended for commercial purposes.
The Dior house decided to make this first parade in tribute to Mandela before continuing discussions with the foundation for the planned project in 2020.
Then, it was the turn of the creation of the flagship parade. Pathé’O had to find a way to print Mandela‘s portrait of the shirts.
The starting material with which we had to work was not suitable, I had to propose the color in a fabric made by me, the speckled, it is the one which was finally retained.


Collaboration de Pathé ’O pour la collection croisière 2020 de Dior

Discover the collaboration with Mr. Pathé ‘O for the Dior 2020 cruise collection.

Dior Cruise 2020 show in Marrakech – A very Hightend

Dior Cruise show was not comparable to what is done in Africa.
This is a very high level that we will reach one day if we get going today, African Event Organizer need to improve themselves to Bring all the fashion event to a higther level .
Dior Cruise Organization represent 90 models selected through the largest agencies for 146 models presented.
In the backstages, the team was made up of 120 people. Each assigned to a specific position.
When it was the show opening, Pathé’O piece was premiered in representeing the essence of Dior Cruise Collection.