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FIMDA 2019 by Stéphane MAMBO

FIMDA 2019 by Stéphane MAMBO – 4th Edition

DATE : October 10 & 11, Exposition
October 12 – Fashion Show

LOCATION : Hotel Communal of Cocody – Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

This 4th edition will be marked by the celebration of 10 years of career of the designer  Stéphane MAMBO.

The theme this year is : Starry Sky for a Youth Facing Immigration




The International Fashion Festival of Abidjan FIMDA is an event of
fashion that aims to promote the Ivorian fashion industry in particular and
African in general.


FIMDA as a promoting instrument

The FIMDA is therefore an event that brings together in Ivory Coast all the actors of fashion in Africa, among others, fashion designers, fashion designers, fashion designers accessories, models, African textile operators, embroiderers, designers etc.




FIMDA as Exchange Meeting

The FIMDA wants to be an exchange meeting of these different specialties of fashion around workshops, meetings and conferences, exhibitions of all kinds of products and services and also offers business opportunities to different participants.
After three editions, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the International Fashion Festival
of Abidjan is this year in its fourth edition. He has already gathered during these three
previous editions of African designers and stylists, the diaspora and
Europeans, as well as fashion figures such as Redar Fawaz, Pierre
Kouamé, Roger Bango, Gilles Toure, Wafa Sarkis and many others. The FIMDA
also offers young designers a podium with these big names.




FIMDA Organizer & Founder

The FIMDA is an initiative of stylist and fashion designer Stéphane Mambo. At the head of the communication and event structure CAS’E, this fashion enthusiast is also the prime contractor for several major fashion events in Ivory Coast and Africa, including the 20 years of stylist Wafa Sarkis’ career, from dream to reality, stylist Redar Fawaz and many others.
Member of the office of the creators of Côte d’Ivoire, former president and member of the GX which is the association of young African creators and members of the AFO (African Fashion organizers), the podiums of fashion events in Africa have not more secret for this creator kneaded with talent.


FIMDA Ambition

• Bring together all the actors of the Ivorian and African fashion industry to federate them
To federate all the actors of the various trades of the mode, it is necessary to reunite them. This is what FIMDA has been working on since its creation.
The mandate of the creator Stéphane Mambo at the head of the GX, the association of young African creators, allowed him to meet several actors of the fashion industry in Africa.
This experience of the creator has already allowed him to meet some of these actors to encourage them to work together for a rise in power of African fashion.


FIMDA Themes for 2019

FIMOD 2018 will take place around the following themes:
• African fashion industry: state of affairs and perspectives
• Promoting the fashion industry in Africa
• African fashion and African culture
• Invest in the African fashion industry


FIMDA 2019 Program

The 10, 11 and 12 October 2019 will be held at the Hotel Communal de Cocody, the 4th edition of the FIMDA.
Actors and lovers of fashion and all trades will be very well represented.
A total of 30 stands of 4 m² will be set up to house the exhibitions.
1- Target participants of FIMDA 2019
• Ministries of Industry, Culture, Tourism of ECOWAS member states and non-ECOWAS
• Fashion companies of the continent
• Institution promoting African culture
• Designers, stylists, modellers, props and models
• Cotton producer unions
• Cotton processing units
• Cosmetics company
• Banks and financial institutes



FIMDA as a Framework for Exchanging

• Create a framework for exchanging experience of the various fashion professions in order to allow the youngest to follow from the predecessors

Thus, through the FIMDA, we intend to connect the fashion predecessors with young people, through conferences, seminars, breakfast debate, so that they benefit from their experiences.

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