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Super Model Contest powered by AEFW - ASIAN EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK represents by Rex FERNANDO: Africa’s Next Super Model: Bridging Continents, Celebrating Diversity” in the search Africa’s finest 2024

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Africa’s Next Super Model: Bridging Continents, Celebrating Diversity” in the search Africa’s finest 2024

Date: June 25, 2024
Venue : The Westin Vendôme Paris, 3 rue de Castiglione, Paris, France

Africa’s Super Model Contest powered by AEFW – ASIAN EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK represents by Rex FERNANDO


Africa’s Super Model Contest powered by AEFW – ASIAN EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK represents by Rex FERNANDO


For the every first time ever, an Africa’s Super Model Contest will grace the fashion scene in France.

This groundbreaking event aims to discover the next African supermodel from France—a rising star who will represent the continent on the global stage.
The journey begins in France and culminates in the grand finale in Nairobi, Kenya, alongside other finalists from Africa.

Rex Fernando, the visionary behind this contest, joins forces with the esteemed CEO & Owner of Africa’s Next Super ModelJoan OKORODUDU. Joan, also the CEO & Owner of Isis Models, leads one of the largest international modeling agencies worldwide. With representation spanning Nigeria, Nairobi, South Africa, France, Cape Verde, Guinea, and soon Ivory Coast, Isis Models is a powerhouse in the industry.

This contest isn’t just about runway walks and photo shoots; it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and raw talent.
Aspiring models will showcase their unique charm, grace, and versatility. The winner will not only wear the crown of Africa’s Next Super Model but also become a beacon of hope for future generations.

Join us on this remarkable journey—from rejection to runway, from France to Nairobi—as we elevate African beauty and redefine global fashion. 🌍👠

In the search for Africa’s finest, Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to find Africa’s Next Super Model in a Reality Tv Show Africa’s Next Super Model‘s Reality TV show. Contestants must be between the ages of 16 and 26.


Big Four cities



The Fashion Week takes place in the four fashion capitals, spanning four consecutive weeks. In the same order, it begins with New York, followed by London, Milan, and finally Paris. However, the Haute Couture Fashion Week exclusively occurs in Paris.”

Big Four cities that set the stage for global style trends. These cities—New York, London, Milan, and Paris—are the epicenters of creativity, where designers, models, journalists, and buyers converge to celebrate art and innovation.


New York Fashion Week (NYFW):


Held in February and September, NYFW is a powerhouse of influence. American and international designers showcase their ready-to-wear collections here.

The bustling streets of New York City become runways, with top models strutting their stuff.


London Fashion Week (LFW):

Known for its creative spirit and daring designs, LFW spotlights emerging talents alongside established brands.

The event takes place in February and September, with avant-garde presentations that push boundaries.


Milan Fashion Week (MFW):

Synonymous with elegance and luxury, MFW focuses on both haute couture and ready-to-wear.

In February and September, Milan becomes a canvas for exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable style.


Paris Fashion Week (PFW):

PFW is one of the most prestigious events in the industry. It encompasses haute couture shows, women’s and men’s ready-to-wear collections, and designer presentations.

Held in January and July, Paris exudes sophistication, with iconic venues like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower as backdrops.

These cities not only shape fashion trends but also inspire creativity worldwide.
Whether you’re in the City of Lights, the Big Apple, the fashion-forward streets of London, or the elegance of Milan, these events remain essential rendezvous for fashion enthusiasts. 🌟

ISIS Models


These models, hailing from different parts of the African continent, have worked for top brands worldwide.
ISIS Models has also been the agency with the highest number of girls on Vogue covers and other prestigious magazines.
As it continues to elevate lives and bring dreams to life, the sky is only the beginning for this modeling brand. 🌟


Isis Models: Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008, emerged after the inaugural edition of Nigeria’s Next Super Model. Spearheaded by founder Joan Okorodudu, the agency serves as a haven for models. Isis Models is committed to discovering, nurturing, and propelling the careers of stunning black models. Our vibrant team of scouts and bookers boasts international expertise, ensuring excellence in every endeavor.



Modeling Agency
5A Adeyemi Lawson

AEFW – ASIAN EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK represents by Rex FERNANDO powered Africa’s Super Model Contest for Paris 2024


AEFW – ASIAN EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK  is delighted to introduce the ASIAN & EUROPEAN FASHION SHOW, an exclusive event that offers a unique platform for international designers to showcase an exceptional talents and creations.

This event is the outcome of a collaboration with AEFW, with the primary aim of providing emerging designers with an opportunity to present their work to a global audience that includes enthusiasts, consumers, and the media.

AEFW‘s core mission is to identify and curate the most promising emerging designers, granting them a platform to showcase their finest collections.

AFRICA-VOGUE-COVER-L’OFFICIEL-INDIA-AEFW-Marking-An-Unwavering-Craft-by Ishita-Kamra

Select Model Management


The Models are representing by the most prestigeous model Agency in the World like Select Model Management.
Select model Management has offices in London, Milano, Paris, Stockholm, Athlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami.


ISIS Models: Elevating African Talent in the International Modeling Space – Isis Models at PFW FW24-25 – Womenswear Spring Summer 2024-2025



Models.com is the ultimate source for everything related to the fashion, beauty, and modeling industry. As a leading online platform, it provides a wealth of information for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Here’s what you can find on Models.com:

The most famous ISIS Models selecting from Africa’s Next Super Model





Anya’s unique features and captivating presence have caught the attention of designers and photographers alike.


Nyakong Chan

Nationality: South Sudan

CHANG -NYAKONG-Nationality- South Sudan-VOGUE CZECHOSSLOVAKIA – Editorial Shoot for Schiaparelli – Copyright Marak MICANEK


Nyarach Abouch Ayuel

Nyarach Abouch Ayuel – Vogue España- November 2021 Cover – Editorial Shoot for Balenciaga – Source: vogue.es – Published: November 2021
Nyarach Abouch Ayuel – Vogue España- November 2021 Cover – Editorial Shoot for Balenciaga – Source: vogue.es – Published: November 2021

Modeling Agencies

  • New York
    Fusion Models
  • Paris
  • Milan
    Wave Management / The Wall
  • London
    PRM Agency
  • Barcelona
    Francina Models
  • Hamburg
    Mirrrs Models
  • Zurich
    METRO Models

Based In

  • London

Nyarach Abouch Ayuel, a fashion model born in 2000 in South Sudan, has made her mark in the modeling world. Her journey began when Jan Malan, the Chief Executive of Umzingeli Productions, scouted her to represent Africa in a modeling contest in China back in October 2018.

Rising from humble beginnings, Nyarach’s urge to model led her to seize this opportunity and showcase her talent on an international stage1.

Here are some key details about Nyarach Abouch Ayuel:

  • Height: She stands tall at 5’11″ (180 cm).
  • Measurements:
    • Bust: 31″ (79 cm)
    • Waist: 23½ » (59 cm)
    • Hips: 33″ (84 cm)
    • Dress Size: 0 US / 30 EU / 2 UK
    • Shoe Size: 10 US / 41 EU.

Nyarach’s presence in the fashion industry has been notable, and she continues to make waves with her striking features and captivating runway appearances. 🌟


Exclusive Model for Gucci F/W 22

Height (ft in) Bust (in) Waist (in) Hips (in) Shoe (us)
5′ 8.5″ 30″ 24″ 34″ 7.5


Yetunde exudes elegance and versatility. Her ability to transform and adapt to various styles makes her a favorite among fashion houses and editorial shoots.

YETUNDE ODIMAYOO – Gucci Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise 2023 Campaign Source: gucci.com Published: December 2022


Anyiel brings a fresh energy to the runway. Her confident walk and striking features have made her a standout model in recent seasons.

Missoni Missoni FW 24 Show Source- missoni.com Published- 02:24:2024 – Anyiel Majok


Hakima Athuai

Hakima’s regal beauty and poise have made her a favorite for both high fashion and commercial campaigns. Her presence commands attention.

Rick Owens F/W 23 Show – Source: owenscorp.com – Published: 03/02/2023- Hakima Athuai
Rick Owens F/W 23 Show – Source: owenscorp.com – Published: 03/02/2023- Hakima Athuai
NYAWARGAK GATLUAK – Editorial shoot for Giorgio Armani

Modeling Agencies

      • New York
        New Icon New York
      • Paris
      • Milan
        Select Model Management Milano
      • Barcelona
        ONE Management
      • Hamburg
        Mirrrs Models
  • AwouiAwoui’s ethereal look and graceful movements have graced major fashion shows. She embodies the spirit of modern elegance.

Hakima Athuai
, a rising model from South Sudan, has made her mark in the fashion industry. Born in 2000, she has captivated audiences with her striking features and runway presence. Let’s delve into some details about this talented model:

  • Height: Standing tall at 5’11″ (180 cm), Hakima commands attention on the catwalk.
  • Measurements:
    • Bust: 30½ » (77 cm)
    • Waist: 24″ (60.5 cm)
    • Hips: 35″ (89.5 cm)
    • Dress Size: 34 EU / 4 US / 6 UK
    • Shoe Size: 40 EU / 9 US / 7 UK

Hakima Athuai’s journey from South Sudan to international runways is truly inspiring. Her unique beauty and talent continue to make waves in the fashion world. 🌟

Nyawargak Gatluak

Nyawargak’s versatility allows her to seamlessly transition from couture to streetwear. Her expressive eyes and strong runway presence set her apart.

Nationality: Australia
Exclusive for Valentino S/S 21 Show
Nyawargak Gatluak –  Vogue Hong Kong Editorial for Giorgio Armani – Majestic Magic – Source: voguehk.com – Published: February 2023

Modeling Agencies

  • Paris
    Select Model Management Paris
  • Milan
    Select Model Management Milano
  • London
    PRM Agency
  • Cape Town
    Topco Models
  • Hamburg
    Mirrrs Models
  • Lagos

Mother Agency


  • Elevating African Talent in the International Modeling Space

    ISIS Models: Elevating African Talent in the International Modeling Space – Isis Models at PFW FW24-25 – Womenswear Spring Summer 2024-2025


  • Media Partners:




    Indirâh Events & Communication learns to know you and your customers for a good control of your goals, your vision, and of course your needs.


  • STUDIO 24




  • With their extensive experience and expertise in Creative Imaging SolutionsStudio 24 is well-positioned to provide high-quality services to customers in Cotonou.
    This expansion will not only contribute to the company’s growth but also create employment opportunities for the local community in Cotonou.Overall, Studio 24‘s decision to open a new outlet in Cotonou showcases their to expanding their business, reaching new customers, and contributing to the economic development of the region.
  • Ifeanyi-Chris-Oputa-Studio-24-Nigeria’s – Ceo & Owner Ifeanyi Chris Oputa is the Team Leader at Studio24 Nigeria

    Ifeanyi Chris Oputa is the Team Leader at Studio24 Nigeria. He is described as someone who is passionate about enterprise and overcoming obstacles that hinder business growth.

    He is known for being fiercely competitive and persistent, not accepting « no » as an answer. While he may not tolerate foolishness, he has a soft spot for individuals who display even the slightest hint of creativity.




  • AI FASHION MAG by Zou & KatiaThis pioneering AI fashion magazine showcases the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity harmonizes with cutting-edge technology.


    Talking about artificial intelligence (AI), let imagine scenarios movies where robots gain consciousness and turn against humans.
    However, in reality, AI is already being utilized in various beneficial ways, such as aiding in medical research and providing customer support.
    As AI continues to advance, its potential applications will only expand.

    One fascinating area of AI is the concept of friendly AI. This involves using AI to assist human in achieving their goals, rather than working in opposition to us.
    For instance, friendly AI could be employed to discover eco-friendly sources of energy or to help us manage the finances in a manner that enhances our overall well-being.


    Daniel Nguyen is the CEO and owner of DN-Africa, a premier African fashion magazine that is revolutionizing the landscape of the African fashion industry and elevating the global fashion arena to new heights .
    The magazine offers an unparalleled digital journey tailored for professionals within the Fashion Industry.
    It curates an array of distinctive services encompassing editorial content, photography, and video resources.
    The goal of DN-Africa is to provide African fashion trends by means of cultural and fashion events and to identify new faces and talents 1. By mixing up massive and complex digital data, DN-Africa creates a strategic leverage for designers who want to improve their global image on the internet faster.

  • Dan-NGU-International-Fashion-Photographer

    Photo credit: DN-AFRICA.COM by Dan NGU – Official Photographer.
    International photographer: Daniel Nguyen
    DN-AFRICA. / DN-AFRICA.COM/ Media Partner


  • Venue:





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