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Fashion is used as a medium to express the unique cultural aspects of Africa: GUINEE FASHION FEST Edition 6 to celebrate fashion by unveiling the cultural richess of Africa, and more specifically, those of Guinea by Binette DIALLO

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GUINEE FASHION FEST Edition 6 to celebrate fashion by unveiling the cultural richess of Africa, and more specifically, those of Guinea by Binette DIALLO

Presented by Binta & Mina Foundation GUINEA

Date: May 29 to June 09 2024
Venue: Conakry, Guinee Republic


Guinee Fashion Fest – Edition 6




GUINEE FASHION FEST Edition 6 – Presented by Binta & Mina Foundation GUINEA


The “Guinee Fashion Fest” aims to celebrate fashion by unveiling the cultural riches of Africa, and more specifically, those of Guinea. This event is not just a fashion show, but a platform that showcases the diverse and vibrant cultural heritage of Africa, with a special focus on Guinea.

The festival is a grand celebration of style and design, where fashion is used as a medium to express the unique cultural aspects of Africa.
It brings together designers, artists, and craftsmen who use their creativity to transform traditional African aesthetics into contemporary fashion.

The “Guinee Fashion Fest” is more than just a celebration of African fashion. It’s a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Guinea, highlighting the country’s traditional fabrics, patterns, and designs.

The festival aims to put Guinea on the global fashion map, showcasing the talent and creativity that the country has to offer.

In essence, the “Guinee Fashion Fest” is a vibrant celebration of African fashion, culture, and heritage, with a spotlight on the unique richness of Guinea. It’s a platform that allows the world to explore and appreciate the beauty of African fashion and the cultural wealth of Guinea.


Significant cultural and economic event in Guinea



The Guinée Fashion Fest is a significant cultural and economic event in Guinea, founded by international model Binta Diallo. The festival aims to bridge the gap between fashion, entrepreneurship, and the business world. It’s a platform that brings attention to Guinea, where “everything is to be done or redone,” and attracts investors.

The Guinée Fashion Fest was launched in 2016 and had to be suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it made a comeback in June 2022.
The event is a celebration of fashion and provides a fantastic opportunity for economic development and a cultural showcase for Guinea.
By bringing together international and local designers, it promotes a mix of cultures and the country’s tourist riches.

Binta Diallo, along with her sister Aminata Diallo from Mina Foundation Guinea, organizes the Guinée Fashion Fest.
Binta Diallo is also the founder of a fashion and modeling agency called « Binta Agency Modeling« .

The festival has been successful since its first edition, and it continues to grow, contributing to the development of Guinea. It’s a testament to Binta Diallo’s dedication to creating opportunities through fashion and building a bright and colorful future for Guinea



Partnership Announcement: MIRS GUINEA & Guinea Fashion FESTIT training to the top 3 laureates of the fashion show

Partnership Announcement: MIRS GUINEA & Guinea Fashion FEST 👗🎉


The organizer are thrilled to announce our partnership with Guinea Fashion FEST for their upcoming fashion show!
As a sponsor, MIRS GUINEA will offer an IT training to the top 3 laureates of the fashion show.
This is a union between fashion and technology aimed at encouraging innovation and professional development.


Partnership with MIRS Guinea to offer an IT training to the top 3 laureates of the fashion show

The organizer want to thank  to MIRS Guinea for this exciting opportunity!
Together, they are creating a future where creativity and technology intersect to inspire the world.
This partnership not only promotes the fashion industry but also emphasizes the importance of technological skills in today’s digital world.

By offering IT training to the top performers of the fashion show, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape, opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth within the fashion industry.

This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning. We believe that by integrating technology with fashion, we can create a more dynamic and inclusive industry that reflects the diversity and richness of our society.



Guinée Fashion Fest Partners with NOMAD from Guinée


NOMAD is a translation agency based in Guinée that supports businesses wishing to evolve within the international market.

Their multiple services include translation and interpretation, and they translate in multiple language combinations.
They collaborate with businesses of all sizes and help them offer their services and products worldwide.
Their various services include translation, computer-assisted publishing, interpretation, as well as staffing.



Guinée Fashion Fest presents Fashion Cante from Guinea Bissau


Alfa Umaro Cante, born on October 15, 1980, is a renowned fashion designer hailing from Bula, a small town in Guinea-Bissau. His journey in the world of fashion is as unique and vibrant as his designs.

In pursuit of his passion, Alfa moved to Denmark, a country known for its minimalist and functional design aesthetics. There, he honed his skills and graduated in Fashion Design in 2008. This international exposure not only broadened his horizons but also enriched his design sensibilities.

Alfa’s work is a testament to his talent and creativity. He has graced various prestigious fashion events with his innovative designs. Notably, he showcased his work at the CPLP Fashion Week in 2018 and Modaafrica in 2017. These platforms provided him with the opportunity to present his vision to a global audience.

What sets Alfa’s designs apart is their eccentricity. His creations are a blend of traditional African aesthetics and contemporary fashion trends. They reflect his cultural heritage and his modern influences, creating a unique style that is distinctly his own.

In essence, Alfa Umaro Cante is more than just a fashion designer. He is a storyteller who uses fabric and design as his medium. Each of his creations narrates a story – a story of his roots, his journey, and his dreams. His work is a celebration of his African heritage, presented through the lens of global fashion trends. Through his designs, Alfa continues to contribute to the global fashion scene, making a mark with his unique and eccentric style.

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Marie KABA from Mali

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Marie KABA from Mali

Marie Kaba, with her keen eye for design and deep respect for traditional African artistry, is the driving force behind this event. Her vision is to create a space where African textiles are not just seen as exotic or ethnic, but as a vital part of global fashion.

Through the NTA, she hopes to foster a greater appreciation for African textiles, and by extension, African culture, heritage, and identity.

In addition to the fashion show, the NTA also features workshops, exhibitions, and discussions, providing a holistic experience that educates attendees about the history, significance, and potential of African textiles. It’s a night of celebration, but also a night of learning and discovery.

As we look forward to the Night of African Textile, we hope that it will not only be a success but also a catalyst for change, inspiring more people to embrace and promote our rich cultural heritage


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Kiyara Mode from Ivory Coast

Creating a sophisticated and versatile look.

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mounir Moda



Rakiyata CONGO, founder of the Kiyara Mode brand

Her fascination with haute couture led me to pursue training in this field, which she successfully completed in 2012.
She had the opportunity to perfect my skills during a 1-year and 6-month internship at the prestigious haute couture house Pathé’O, where she was able to hone her skills and discover the intricacies of the fashion industry.

Following this enriching internship, I was hired by Pathé’O, where she  worked with dedication for five consecutive years.
However, eager to deepen my knowledge and explore new perspectives in the fashion world, she decided to pursue training at the SEFITA industry in Meknes, Morocco.

Back in Abidjan, she joined the SOTEXI team from 2017 to 2019.
Then to the prestigious haute couture house Ciss St Moïse as a stylist from 2019 to 2021,
And as production line manager where she successfully supervised the creation and realization of collections from 2021 to 2022.
In early 2023, I decided to take the next step in her career by launching my own fashion label.

Kiyara Mode is: A combination of casual and elegant pieces, which can include elements of both menswear and womenswear, creating a sophisticated and versatile look.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mounir Moda from Senegal

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mounir Moda from Senegal


March 2023 marks a major milestone in Mounir Moda‘s career, with the 2nd edition of the Salon International de la Mode de Dakar held at the Novotel Hotel.
This event illustrates his commitment to showcasing African creativity and establishing Dakar as a fashion capital.

The highlight of the period will be the 2M Design Show’s grandiose African Fashion Night at Dakar’s Radisson Blu Hotel, where 13 designers from different corners of Africa will showcase their talent and innovation.
Mounir Moda embodies the stamina, creativity and determination that have propelled him to national and international recognition. His remarkable career is an inspiring testament to the power of passion and hard work in realizing dreams.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Adama Bella Diallo

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Adama Bella Diallo


Adama Bella Diallo founder of the Bella brand She’s a designer of Guinean origin based in Dakar.
Bella is a ready-to-wear brand for men and women.

The brand’s aim is to promote African fashion and local consumption.
mainly made from hand-crafted cotton fiber, using the know-how of craftsmen and dyers it’s made in africa.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mabinty Dramé, Founder and Managing Director of the KÉMANSA fashion house

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mabinty Dramé,


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mabinty Dramé, Founder and Managing Director of the KÉMANSA fashion house, is an outstanding designer.

Born on November 12, 1992 in Antwerp, Belgium, Mabinty Dramé has lived in various parts of Africa, Europe and North America.
This experience has exposed her to a diversity of cultures and clothing styles.
It was in 2011, during her university studies in Montreal, that she awakened her passion for the fashion industry.

Despite her training in sociology and her professional commitment in the social and administrative fields, Mabinty has never abandoned her love of fashion design. In April 2021, she turned her aspirations into reality by founding the KÉMANSA fashion house, a company that celebrates the excellence and richness of Guinean fabrics.

Through KÉMANSA, Mabinty offers creations that are traditional-modern, authentic and elegant, with the aim of highlighting the nobility that resides in each of us.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Fatou Koné for La Rouhe Design


Fatou Koné, a woman whose life is a symphony of passion and dedication, has had the privilege of putting her skills to good use as a computer science engineer at Orange Guinea, where she works as Communications and B2B Animation Manager.

With more than 8 years at Orange marked by enriching experiences and invaluable lessons learned, she is however driven by a deeper force: her unwavering love for African textiles. Fatou Koné has found a way to express herself through La Rouhe Design.

Each of the couture house’s creations carries with it the authenticity and heritage of Guinea, blending the softness of silk, the vibrancy of wax prints, and traditional motifs such as Lépi and Kendéli.

For Fatou, La Rouhe Design transcends mere fashion. It’s a heritage, a commitment to the revalorization of African textiles and the creation of meaningful opportunities for the Guinean community.

Each garment she designs carries with it a piece of her history, of her identity as a Guinean. It’s a vibrant tribute to tradition and a celebration of our rich cultural heritage.

Fatou Koné was supported by the PEPITE Program, an ENABEL-funded program designed to boost entrepreneurship, an experience that helped shape La Rouhe Design into what it is today.
In 2023, Fatou Koné, through her La Rouhe Design brand, had the privilege of accompanying Guinea’s representative to the Miss World contest as Artistic Director.
We nvite you to follow her Facebook and Instagram pages, and explore her world where authenticity and elegance meet.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Ast-Design by Ahmed Sékou Touré

Guinée Fashion Fest presents Ast-Design by Ahmed Sékou Touré


Manager of AST-Design

Creative, intuitive, curious and passionate. Everything about our designer is an opportunity to excel.

AST, whose real name is Ahmed Sékou Touré, is a young man who has been making a name for himself in the Guinean fashion world for several years now. With a style that is both simple and elegant, he makes his mark with a desire to dazzle, seduce, or simply make you unique on every occasion.

Born in N’zérékoré, on the southern fringes of Guinea, AST‘s appointment with fashion was a long time coming. AST is one of those young people who have always loved to dress elegantly. It was this love of clothing and a pronounced taste for perfection that prompted his need to become a designer.

Yet, despite this background, AST was predestined for soccer. An amateur defensive player – from which he got the nickname « Gada« , in recognition of his imposing build and extraordinary strength – his disillusionment with the profession was the result of a lack of means to pursue his studies at a professional academy.

After his soccer adventure in Ghana in 2014, he took advantage of his return to devote himself to the fashion business, which has been a passion of his since early childhood.

Orphaned from both parents at a very early age, everything about AST is reminiscent of resilience and the will to succeed.
The spotlight he now enjoys is exhilarating proof that nothing is lost with a valiant heart. It’s the result of a relentless struggle.

In 2022, he officially launched his in-house brand AST-Design, which has gone from strength to strength. Since then, he has been in demand at a number of fashion events and catwalks in Guinea.

He has taken part in
TikTok evening, February 24, 2024 (Guinea);
Nimba fashion week, November 25, 2023 (Guinea);
Panaf festival panafricain, November 04, 2023 (Belgium).


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Douk’s craftmanship



Alioune Doukoure born in 1990 in Conakry the CEO of the company Guinée Arts Afrique and the brand DOUK‘S passionate about arts and entrepreneurship since childhood.

Educational background:

graduated in architecture in Dakar 2009 in 2013 and training in recycling plastic waste and training in raising broilers and laying hens and training in modern shoemaking until 2015.


Professional Career:

2016 he created his first workshop of shoemaking and recycling in Dakar and the goal is to return to Guinea and share the know-how or other young and creates his business made in Guinea 2018 Alioune begins to realize his dream responding a call for tender with a large institution IOM in Guinea to give training young migrant in recycling used tires 2019 worked with OSEZ innovate as a trainer on the project woman without barriers for the training of 100 young women in crafts.

2020 he won another tender with OIM to train young migrants in Fria in plastic waste management, and another training course in Mauritania.

2021 he won a lot of market in guinea with great person like Baidy Aribo and Mr kabinet komara with many other personality in the country and he launches his brand DOUK‘S and build a small workshop of the production of leather shoes and accessory 2022 to 2023 the company guinea arts Africa and the brand Douks has great extent in all extent of the national territory and the international today the brand crossed the border for USA and in France.

In 2023 douks realized its first dream of setting up a small factory of shoes and leather accessories made in guinea.
Today DOUKS dresses the country’s biggest stars and personalities with these shoes and leather bags made in guinea.



Guinée Fashion Fest presents kallo holding – Stylist – Designer from KALLO HOLDING FASHION

Guinée Fashion Fest presents kallo holding – Stylist – Designer from KALLO HOLDING FASHION


Kallo Holding – Stylist – Designer

Creative, professional, ambitious and passionate. From an early age, he understood that to live is to fight.

Born on February 05, 1988 in Kankan in the Upper Guinea region.

In 2000, his father enrolled him in a calligraphy workshop in Kissidougou in the Forest Region.

From 2003 to 2007, he continued his secondary education at Forecariah, where he put his artworks into practice.
At the time, he was recognized as one of the local town’s leading calligraphers and designers, known as KALLO DÉCOR.

In 2011, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents SOFIA



Sofia Koïta. She’s of mixed Guinean heritage, with her father being Malinké and her mother Belarusian.
She hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration, which she earned from ISCAE.Guinée.

She spent a decade working in the private sector, gaining valuable experience that enabled me to start and manage her own company. This led me to entrepreneurship, where she opened a boutique selling accessories for both men and women at Prima Center.

However, I felt something was missing. She’ve always had a creative spirit and a knack for crafting.
Recently, she had an epiphany to add my personal touch to Guinean fashion by creating her own accessory brand.
Thus, nearly three months ago, she launched my own jewelry brand.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Mida STYLE from Mali


With a constant desire to contribute more to the fashion industry, Boubacar annually organizes a fashion show called Labo Kayesien de la Mode.
The theme of this event is “Yes to Youth Entrepreneurship and NO to Regular Immigration”.

This activity will be in its fourth edition in 2023. In all his endeavors, this young creator emphasizes entrepreneurship through his works and thus raises awareness among young people about the dangers of immigration.

As a specialist in “Kayes Fini”, a fabric of Kayesian origin, he has a deep understanding of Malian art and craftsmanship.
This knowledge allows him to seize (or create) opportunities to promote Malian textiles: clothing, accessories, stand decorations, and interior designs, not to mention traditional craft jewelry.

He has established a modeling agency for the youth of Kayes, with the aim of facilitating fashion events in the region.

Guinée Fashion Fest presents ZAMODE from Comores



Zamode is a designer from Comores 🇰🇲 who is set to participate in the 6th edition of the Guinée Fashion Fest in 2024 Unfortunately, I

The Guinée Fashion Fest is a significant event in the African fashion industry. It’s a platform that celebrates fashion by revealing new trends and identifying new faces and talents.
The event is dedicated to promoting Guinean fashion designers and stylists. It also serves as a cultural and economic event, attracting attention from media, businessmen, and investors.

Guinée Fashion Fest presents K’ELLE COLLECTION from GABON by Binette Bah


K’elle Collection” is a unique fashion brand that was established in 2015 by the Guinean-Gabonese entrepreneur, Mrs. Binette Bah.

The brand stands out for its originality and modernity, which is reflected in its whimsical cuts, vibrant colors, and distinctive patterns.
Each piece is unique and designed to highlight the beauty, simplicity, and modesty of the African woman.

But K’elle Collection is more than just a fashion brand. It’s a symbol of empowerment for women.
The brand organizes a charitable event called “K’elle Pour Elle” which has been held annually for the past 5 years in Libreville, Gabon.

The aim of this event is to fund scholarships for young girls who are out of school. This initiative reflects the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to improving the lives of women in the community.

In essence, K’elle Collection is not just about creating beautiful clothes, it’s about making a difference in society and empowering women through fashion.
It’s a brand that truly embodies the Spirit of Modern African Femininity.


Guinée Fashion Fest presents Amandah from Madagascar


Let welcome our designer AMANDAH from. Madagascar, at the 6th Guinée Fashion Fest 2024


Guinée Fashion Fest presents MAHALY from Guinée

Mahaly, est une création de cinq jeunes filles origine de la Guinée. Après avoir obtenu notre baccalauréat, nous avons choisi de nous aventurer dans le monde de la mode, en confectionnant des vêtements prêt-à-porter et des accessoires à base de textile guinéen.

Notre aventure a commencé au début du mois de janvier 2022. Les créatrices ont eu l’opportunité de participer à la deuxième et à la troisième édition du salon des étudiants entrepreneurs, respectivement en 2023 et 2024.”



Founders & Partners



Official Hairstyle Platinum



Official Partners



Official Media Partners:

Guinee Fashion Fest Edition 6 2024 presents the TV Channel NCI from Ivory Coast

Guinee Fashion Fest Edition 6 2024 presents the TV Channel NCI from Ivory Coast

NCI (Nouvelle Chaîne Ivoirienne) is a prominent private television channel in Côte d’Ivoire.
It offers a diverse range of programming for its viewers, including news, entertainment, sports, and culture.
NCI is recognized for its quality media coverage and its ability to transmit information quickly and reliably.
It’s a key player in the Ivorian media landscape, providing reliable information and quality entertainment.

This year, NCI will be one of the media partners for the event. This partnership will likely enhance the visibility of the event and provide a broader platform for the designers and artists involved.

In essence, the collaboration between NCI and Guinee Fashion Fest represents a significant step in promoting African creativity and cultural heritage. 
It’s a testament to the power of media and fashion in bridging cultures and empowering communities.


Guinee Fashion Fest Edition 6 2024 by Binette DIALLO

Guinee Fashion Fest Contact :

Call: +224 622 83 83 53

Email: guineefashionfest@gmail.com


Media Partners:


Studio 24 launching an outfit in Cotonou, Benin is an exciting development. Studio 24 is known for its expertise in the fashion industry and their ability to capture stunning visuals.

With their launch in Cotonou, they will bring their unique style and creativity to the local fashion scene.
This expansion will not only provide opportunities for local designers and models but also contribute to the growth and recognition of the fashion industry in Benin.
We look forward to seeing the innovative designs and captivating imagery that Studio 24 will bring to Cotonou.

Location: Les cocotiers, Avenue jean Paul II, Cotonou, Bénin
Call: +229 46 90 53 09


STUDIO 24 BENIN – Grand Opening The First Outlet in West Africa


Studio 24 – Creative Imaging Solutions is a professional photography and multimedia company based in Abuja, Nigeria.
They are driven by the desire to deliver great value and service to their clients.
Their approach is tailored to meet and exceed the specific needs and expectations of their clients by providing them with global industry standard products and services.

Ifeanyi-Chris-Oputa-Studio-24-Nigeria’s – Ceo & Owner Ifeanyi Chris Oputa is the Team Leader at Studio24 Nigeria

Step into the world of creativity at Studio24 Cotonou and witness the magic we craft every day. @studio24_lebenin




By Zou, Katia & Dan NGU – New Media Making Introducing AI FASHION MAG, a groundbreaking fusion of Human Ingenuity & Technological Innovation




AI Friendly or how getting a Positive Impact on Humanity




Daniel Nguyen is the CEO and owner of DN-Africa, a premier African fashion magazine that is revolutionizing the landscape of the African fashion industry and elevating the global fashion arena to new heights .
The magazine offers an unparalleled digital journey tailored for professionals within the Fashion Industry.
It curates an array of distinctive services encompassing editorial content, photography, and video resources.



GUINEE FASHION FEST Edition 6 to celebrate fashion by unveiling the cultural richess of Africa


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