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NAZOUNKI: Medical Care Abroad - Personalized Accompaniment and Excellence” - MEDICAL EVACUATION: NAZOUNKI provides for individuals living abroad. If you have any other requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask!   »Wherever You Are, Exceptional Care Is Our Mission »

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NAZOUNKI provides for individuals living abroad. If you have any other requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask!   »Wherever You Are, Exceptional Care Is Our Mission »

Date: April 30 2024
Location: 130-132 rue de Normandie, 92400 Courbevoie (Paris la Défense)

NAZOUNKI: Medical Care Abroad – Personalized Accompaniment and Excellence”

NAZOUNKI, a company evolving in the world of healthcare A team dedicated to organizing medical care abroad – MEDICAL EVACUATION – NAZOUNKI Global Medical Network


Discover NAZOUNKImedical care abroad. Full support, professional advice, easy administrative management. Telemedicine, e-health, reliable network.

This highlights the personalized Medical Care & Excellence that NAZOUNKI provides for individuals living outside their home country.


NAZOUNKI Global Care Network – An Experience top-quality medical care for MEDICAL EVACUATION

« Experience top-quality medical care at the best cost abroad, all while receiving expert guidance and professional accompaniment.
It’s as if you have a knowledgeable family member by your side throughout every step of your medical journey.


NAZOUNKI prioritize your ongoing medical follow-up to ensure your well-being

From handling administrative procedures and visas to arranging transportation, accommodation, and travel logistics, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless experience.


Most importantly, NAZOUNKI prioritize your ongoing medical follow-up to ensure your well-being. »

Exceptional Medical Care & HealthCare in France

Dual Context

Medical evacuation


As Dr. Sayave Gnoumo highlights, our context is twofold.
Initially, NAZOUNKI exclusively assisted patients from Africa, the Middle East, and other regions seeking medical treatment in France.

It’s essential to recognize that France ranks among the world’s top countries for exceptional medical care, boasting highly skilled and professional experts.



Conseil national de l’Ordredesmedecins

Dr. Sayave Gnoumou is the President of the Medical Council at Nazounki. He has been instrumental in the creation and development of Nazounki, which was established in 2002.

The company was founded when Dr. Gnoumou and some of his former colleagues from Saint-Joseph were frequently asked by embassies to accompany patients in hospitals.

Recognizing this need, they decided to create a service tailored to individuals, often isolated, facing situations that could jeopardize their recovery.


Medical evacuation is an essential part of the patient’s medical care

It’s less true now because others countries has began to the competition cause of a rude competion with a very competitive price like Turkish, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco.

Consequently, decision-makers, major corporations, and notable individuals prefer seeking medical treatment in France when they fall ill.



When considering Medical Evacuation Services, it’s essential to evaluate various factors to make an informed decision.

Here are the guidelines for choosing NAZOUNKI as medical evacuation provider:

Reputation and Experience: 22 Years Experience

* Company’s reputation and track record. excellent reviews, testimonials, and feedback from previous clients.

* Experimented Company in the medical evacuation industry. Established providers in having  experience and resources.


Coverage & Network





 NAZOUNKI offers global coverage. Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, NAZOUNKI have a broad medical network & very well introduce in the French Medical System & Contacts.

NAZOUNKI have the agreements with reputable hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers in various regions.


Services Provided:

SAYCURE – NAZOUNKI Global Medical Network


Full range of services offered by NAZOUNKI. The Company provide air ambulance services, ground transportation, & coordination with medical professionals.

Consider whether NAZOUNKI offer specialized services like neonatal transport, critical care, or repatriation,

NAZOUNKI prioritize your ongoing medical follow-up to ensure your well-being


Response Time and Availability:

Quick response time is critical during emergencies. Fast response time and availability for care and support.

NAZOUNKI operate 24/7 in handle urgent requests.

Medical Personnel and Equipment:

NAZOUNKI  have skilled medical personnel ( doctors, nurses, and paramedics) on their evacuation teams.

Most  medical equipment is up to date with meets international standards.


Cost and Insurance Coverage:

The cost of NAZOUNKI’s services  has transparency regarding pricing.

If you have travel insurance, check if medical evacuation is covered. Some insurance policies include this benefit.


Communication and Coordination:

Effective communication between the evacuation team, patient, and family members is crucial. NAZOUNKI has a transparent communication protocols.

Procedures completely coordinate with local authorities, airports, and hospitals during evacuations.

NAZOUNKI insure a complete services for medical evacuation for company’s personel & family, especially during emergencies.
NAZOUNKI  aligns with your needs and priorities. NAZOUNKI prioritize safety and quality of care


NAZOUNKI consider medical evacuation with a patient & not considering the patient as a product, NAZOUNKI doesn’t practice the Medical Tourism


NAZOUNKI! It’s commendable that the company prioritize the well-being of patients and focus on medical evacuation without treating patients as mere products.

The company’s commitment to providing quality care during emergencies is essential, especially when lives are at stake.
If you or anyone you know ever needs medical evacuation services, it’s reassuring to know that there are companies like NAZOUNKI that prioritize patient safety and well-being.


NAZOUNKI are against the practice of Medical tourism

Medical tourism


Medical tourism refers to the practice of traveling to another country for medical care. People seek medical treatment abroad for various reasons, including cost savings, access to specialized procedures, and shorter wait times. Here are some key points about medical tourism:


Top Source Countries for Medical Tourism



The top source countries for medical tourists vary based on where they come from and why they seek treatment abroad. According to a 2022 report, the following countries are significant sources of medical tourists:

United States
 Millions of US residents travel to other countries for medical care. Common destinations include MexicoCanada, and several countries in Central AmericaSouth America, and the Caribbean.

India is a major player in the Asian medical tourism industry, ranking first in the Medical Tourism Industry dimension.

Known for its high-quality healthcare services, Thailand attracts medical tourists seeking treatments such as cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, and wellness therapies.

Other Popular Destinations: Other countries that are popular for medical tourism include CanadaMalaysiaBrazil, and Germany.


Reasons for Medical Tourism:

Patients choose medical tourism for various reasons:

Cost Savings: Medical treatments can be significantly cheaper in certain countries.

Access to Specialized Procedures: Some treatments or procedures may not be available or affordable in the patient’s home country.

Quality Healthcare: Patients seek high-quality healthcare services in countries known for their medical expertise.

Shorter Wait Times: In some cases, patients can receive faster treatment abroad.



Health Insurance and Medical Tourism:

Many medical tourists pay out of pocket for their treatments. However, some health insurance plans cover medical expenses incurred abroad.

It’s essential for patients to research and plan ahead, considering factors like language barriers, cultural differences, and post-treatment follow-up.

Remember that each patient’s situation is unique, and decisions related to medical tourism should be made after careful consideration of individual needs and circumstances.
If you’re considering medical tourism, consult with healthcare professionals and explore reputable facilities in your desired destination.


Global Shift : growing trend due to globalization

Over time, we observed a growing trend due to globalization: many French citizens were leaving their home country for various reasons (work, leisure, etc.).

Even though these individuals had repatriation insurance, it became crucial to provide immediate on-site medical care to preserve their lives before arranging more extensive follow-up care upon repatriation.

To address this need, NAZOUNKI established personalized accompaniment services. »



NAZOUNKI: Medical Care Abroad – Personalized Accompaniment and Excellence” – MEDICAL EVACUATION

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NAZOUNKI Global Care Network
NAZOUNKI Global Care Network: Medical Care Abroad – Personalized Accompaniment and Excellence”  – MEDICAL EVACUATION


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