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The Savoir-fFaire of English Bespoke Tailoring & French Couture Draping - Elegance Woven Seamlessly: Where Femininity Meets Precision, Crafted by a Master Artisan: ANGELO FAIR Main De Maitre presents FW2024 – Couture Exibition Show – Kandinsky’s Jungle

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ANGELO FAIR Main De Maitre presents FW2024 – Couture Exibition Show – Collection Kandinsky’s Jungle – Paris Haute Couture Week

Date: June 28 2024
Venue: VALD Agency ShowRoom, 14, rue Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris (France)



Angelo Fair, the creative force behind ANGELO FAIR main de maître

Angelo Fair, the creative force behind ANGELO FAIR main de maître, is a couturier whose work seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

An American with a burning desire to become a couturier embarks on a personal odyssey through the global fashion landscape.

From the artistic allure of Florence to the meticulous craftsmanship of British tailoring, and finally to Paris—where he discovers the pinnacle of French drapery and elegance—each destination paints fashion in a unique light.

These regions, shaped by their way of life, surroundings, and expressions of confidence, love, and desire, have historically employed distinct techniques to reveal a woman’s beauty and essence.

The designer’s signature style seamlessly blends elegance, evoking admiration, with sensual designs that command attention and allure.


Let’s delve into his fascinating journey:

Early Influences and Education

Raised by his grandmother, a skilled seamstress who crafted Parisian-inspired dresses, Angelo grew up surrounded by images of iconic designers like Scherrer, Lacroix, and Ungaro.


Angelo’s Artistic Sensibility

His biggest inspiration came from Ungaro, whose work left an indelible mark on Angelo’s artistic sensibility.

At 20, Angelo moved to Florence, Italy, where he studied fashion illustration and art. There, he discovered the sculptural dresses of Roberto Capucci, which deeply influenced his aesthetic.


Mastery of Draping

Angelo honed his mastery of draping while apprenticing at Museo Del Tessuto, where he studied textiles and their properties.

He further refined his skills by working with a former designer from Enrico Coveri and Byblos.

Returning to New York, Angelo studied fashion and tailoring at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and gained experience in haute couture ateliers.


The Journey Continues

Inspired by Emanuel Ungaro, who was both a couturier and a tailor, Angelo moved to London to train as a bespoke tailor.

In London, he worked in a couture atelier and learned from the tailors of Savile Row, mastering pattern-making and fit.

His journey led him to Paris, where he studied haute couture moulage at L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

Angelo immersed himself in the works of couturiers like Balmain, Balenciaga, and Cardin at Palais Royal.


The Birth of Angelo Fair main de maître

In 2021, Angelo founded Angelo Fair main de maître, a couture house that harmonizes his artistic sensibility (shaped during his time in Florence) with the savoir-faire of English bespoke tailoring and French couture draping.

His style combines the femininity and drapery of French dressmaking with the precision and structure of English tailoring.

Craft techniques learned from Savile Row tailors infuse his work, whether it’s meticulously crafted pockets, buttonholes, or the pad stitching of underlinings and canvases.


Angelo Fair’s couture brand bridges the gap between tradition and modernity

In summary, Angelo Fair’s couture brand bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, resulting in innovative, artistically rich fashion. His unique blend of skills and creativity sets him apart in the world of haute couture


Collection Kandinsky’s Jungle – Paris Haute Couture Week – Editorial Mook Book

ANGELO-MAIN-DE-MAITRE-KANDINSKY’S-JUNGLE-PARIS-FW-2024-COUTURE-EXIBITION-SHOW – Feuza DIOUF Model Haute Couture – Official Photographer Sebnem DEMIREL – @silevko_mua – Photographer Dan NGU


ANGELO FAIR Main De Maitre presents FW2024

Team Production

Instagram: @
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelo-fair-50a543205/?originalSubdomain=uk

Official Photographer: SEBNEM DEMIREL
Instagram: @sebnemdemirelphotos
Mua Artist: Anastasia SILEVKO @silevko_mua
Model: FEUZA DIOUF @feuza1210
Venue: VALD Agency ShowRoom


Angelo Fair Main de Maitre


See Beauty•Experience Beauty•Own Beauty

American Couturier creating couture pieces & custom made dresses and jacket
London & Paris based.

Instagram: @angelofaircouture


Feuza DIOUF International Model Couture

ANGELO-FAIR-Make-up-by-@lucky.ambre-Pict-by-@sebnemdemirelphotos – International Model Feuza DIOUF


Feuza Diouf, a renowned model hailing from Senegal, has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed clients and captivating appearances in numerous fashion shows.
Notably, she graced the Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture Spring 2023 Show and the Tony Ward Haute Couture Spring 2023 Show.

Represented by Metropolitan Models in Paris and CLEAR MANAGEMENT, Feuza stands tall at 180 cm with measurements that accentuate her elegance: Bust 89 cm, Waist 57 cm, and Hips 87 cm.
Her striking features include black hair and captivating black eyes.”

For more details, you can explore her profile on Models.com or visit her page on The Fashion Model Directory. Additionally, she recently appeared in the Balenciaga Haute Couture Fall 2022 show.

Feuza Diouf, the talented Senegalese model, has made significant strides in the fashion industry. Let’s delve into her career highlights and notable campaigns:

Balmain Collaboration:

Feuza Diouf had the honor of being part of the Balmain family. She graced the catwalk for the Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture Spring 2023 Show alongside other top models .

Balmain, led by the acclaimed designer Olivier Rousteing, is known for its bold and transformative designs. Rousteing’s commitment to diversity has made Balmain a powerhouse in the fashion world .


Career Journey:

Feuza’s modeling journey began in Senegal in 2012.

Her breakthrough came when she participated in the reality TV program Nouvelle Top, where she caught the attention of the fashion world.

Feuza’s professionalism and dedication earned her a spot in the Black Fashion Week in Paris, followed by representation by WM Models.

Olivier Rousteing noticed her talent, and she became part of the iconic Balmain Army alongside other top Black models .


VALD Agency ShowRoom

VALD Agency is a sales and marketing agency that globally represents a curated group of international fashion and furniture designers.
They have showrooms in Copenhagen, Paris, and New York, and partnerships in Berlin, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

They work with more than 500 retail partners in over 35 markets, offering a platform for their designers to position their collections in selected boutiques, department stores, as well as design and museum shops worldwide.

Their retail partners include names such as 10 Corso Como, Beams, Boon, Browns, Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols, H. Lorenzo, La Garconne, Lane Crawford, MoMA Store, Net A Porter, Printemps, Saks Fifth Avenue, SSense, Triple Major, United Arrows, Voo, and others2.

Their experienced team brings market knowledge and insights to the business of their designers, helping to strategically develop and adjust the collections to their audience. Staging the collections of their designers is a central element of their philosophy.


VALD Agency Contact:

The Paris office of VALD Agency is located at 14 Rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris1. You can contact them at +45 27 51 54 00 or info@valdagency.com1


Media Partners:



ANGELO-MAIN-DE-MAITRE-KANDINSKY’S-JUNGLE-PARIS-FW-2024-COUTURE-EXIBITION-SHOW—Feuza-DIOUF-Model-Haute-Couture-Official-Photographer-Sebnem-DEMIREL-@silevko_mua- Photographer Dan NGU