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Afrik Fashion Show 12th edition

Saturday 7 October, 2017  at the Hotel Ivoire – Conference Center of Sofitel in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

Isabelle Anoh, is the Managing Director and organizer of this prestigious event. She’s also CEO of Avant-Garde and Special Advisor to Cepici*.

Lots of African fashion icons was present. The theme of this edition represent  » African fashion, inspiration and creativity  » and the event is sponsored by Minister of Culture and Francophonie, represented by Mr Maurice Bandaman and Mr Siandou Fofana, Minister of Tourism.

Afrik Fashion Show 12 wants to define itself as the international meeting of African fashion.
This edition show happen in a festive atmosphere , the public can see on the runway show 15 designers from Côte d’Ivoire and also special guest designers from Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali, Senegal.

The majority of renowned designers were present such as Cissé Saint-Moïse , Pathé ‘O for the final show, Miss ZahuiMichèle Yakice, Gil Touré, Reda Fawaz, Mariah Bocoum Keita from Mali. Most of them are also promoters of the African Fashion.
Young and talented designers was showing like the young and very talented designer Frank Gnamien, Ouli Pa, Syllama Design.
The will of Isabelle ANOH, the promoter of the event is to give national designers more room to participate in Afrik Fashion Show and 1/3 of foreign stylists on each event.

Afrik Fashion Show 12 also give an opportunity to a young designer to present a dress through the contest « Draw me a dress », initiated by a partner. « Tourism will also take its place in this edition with the lagoon cruise offered by a boat-bus company.
The winner of this edition is Jade INGRID.

Isabelle ANOH has initiated an important the setting up of the association of the African Fashion Week, African Fashion Week Association [AFWA].
Indeed in Abidjan and throughout Africa events are organized, it’s on of the most important fashion show in Africa the Francophone and West Africa held in Abidjan.
The general assembly constitutive of this association which aims to reorganize and support fashion events in Africa.

The African Fashion Week Association (AFWA) will be a milestone in the history of African fashion in 2017.
By the iniative of Isabelle ANOH, promoters of the African fashion, has constituted in association and the general assembly consecutive of this association of the African fashion-weeks held on Thursday October 5, 2017.
This meeting is the setting up and the constitution of AFWA, the texts, the rules of procedure and the election of a president of AFWA and those in the presence of organizers of fashion week.
The fashion promoters said that African fashion events needed so much to gain coherence and visibility.


STUDIO 24 was present during this event to realize exclusive content that will be diffused through magazines and online media, social networks.
STUDIO 24 by the presence of its CEO, Mr Ifeanyi Christopher Oputa, wants to link the promoters of Fashion Week Francophone and West Africa to obtain access and collaboration on prestigious events such as Glizt Fashion Week,  Ghana Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Reception which takes place every year in Addis Ababa and Paris.
As well as many major fashion events, STUDIO 24 is a partner….



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