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MODEL LAW MANIFEST create by Ekaterina Ozhiganova and Gwenola Guichard Manifest – PFW 2018

On the sidelines of the big groups, two models, Ekaterina Ozhiganova and Gwenola Guichard, also published in France a manifesto to « put an end to years of abuse, dubious practices and non-compliance with the labor code ».

Ekaterina Ozhiganova 25 years old and Gwenola Guichard 29 years old has created Model Law in january 2018

MODEL LAW aims to improve the working conditions of the models, to obtain a more protective legal status, to help, advise and accompany the models who need them.

The two Models denounced that the main brand doesn’t go far enough in their statement and analysis.
have decided to launch Model Law, the « first association created by models for models in France », yet capital of … fashion. An association that has launched a manifesto, and has many signatories in the industry (including us).

Their organization, Model Law, wants to allow models to be less dependent on agencies. « Some people exploit the inter-relationship that is the » alleged wage earner « of the profession to impose practices devaluing both human and financial, unthinkable in a traditional employer-employee relationship. This financial dependence and this lack of flexibility favor the forms of harassment, moral and sexual.  »

According to them, the charter of LVMH and Kering « remains on the surface instead of addressing the real issues related to this business. Model Law talks about giving dummies good working conditions, LVMH and Kering talk about protecting their physical integrity. Mechanically, they imply that there is a physical danger, which is serious « . They also denounce their paternalistic attitude, mention as an example the website just launched by LVMH and Kering, « We care for models », educational.


MODEL LAW created by Ekaterina Ozhiganova and  Gwenola Guichard – DN-AFRICA, STUDIO 24 NIGERIA


At the question : How to keep a body mass by eating the minimum ? What diet and food is allowed?

Answer : Bread, rusks and rice

We learn that « starchy foods are a source of slow sugars that provide energy to the muscles and the brain and that in small quantities (1 individual bread, 2 rusks, 3 tablespoons of rice), they do not not get fat.  » « These groups seem to want to replace parents and agents by offering » balanced menus « to stay slim and beautiful without starving and thus perpetuate this power and control over the body, » deplore Ekaterina Ozhiganova and Gwenola Guichard.

Whatever their battleground, conglomerates and isolated activists have the merit of launching the debate. And all the wills are welcome to make more transparent the world of modeling, hitherto completely opaque.

MODEL LAW created by Ekaterina Ozhiganova and  Gwenola Guichard – DN-AFRICA, STUDIO 24 NIGERIA


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