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The Choice of Nimba as the Symbol of the 'Republic of Guinea' Brand": Guinee, Our Paradis – Official Anthem of Branding Guinee

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Guinee, Our Paradis – Official Anthem of Branding Guinee

Date: December 2023
Location: Conakry, Guinee Republic

Official Anthem of Branding Guinee

Guinee, Our Paradis  is a musical postcard that showcases the rich Guinean ingredients cooked up by none other than talented artists. The lineup includes the Mbaye brothers from the group Degg J Force 3, Azaya and his wife Djely Kaba Bintou, Aïcha Kindia, Ans-T-Crazy, Fish Killer, Antoine Flingo, Alifa, and Binta Laly.

Clip realize by Seven Awuku

Directed by Steven Awuku, the music video is a visual gem that highlights a portion of the country’s abundant tourist offerings. Tché ON The Beat, an international hitmaker, adds his touch to the rhythms, infusing the music with the enchanting sounds of the pastoral flute, kora, balafon, and djembe, bringing it to life.


Branding Guinee

Discover custom Guinean branding in every verse. Every word conveys the hospitable warmth for which Guineans are renowned, while the harmony between the different musical registers symbolizes the natural richness of our country.

Immerse yourself in a spellbinding musical universe that will have you moving to the rhythm of our captivating notes.

What’s more, let yourself be seduced by our captivatingly presented craft heritage, inviting you to explore cultural Guinea.


Guinee, Our Paradis

Project to promote and enhance Guinea through Branding Guinea. May this melody always remind us of the beauty and grandeur of our beloved country. Welcome to Guinea.

With : Degg j Force 3 – Azaya – Djely Kaba Bintou – Fish Killa – Ans-T Crazy – Aïcha Kandia – Alifa – Antoine Flingo – Binta Laly Sow

Prod : Meurs Libre Prod ( MLP ) #education #MeursLibreProd
Beat, mix and mastering : Tché On The Beat
Director : Steven Awuku
Cinematographer : Lipso
Technical facilities: MIA 224 / Studio Machallah


Branding Guinee

Branding National de Guinée represent an Universal Cultural Symbol Beyond Borders – The Choice of Nimba as the Symbol of the ‘Republic of Guinea’ Brand ».



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