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Brigitte Tchanegue, International Model from Tchad

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Brigitte Tchanegue , International Model from Chad

This  young Chadian born on June 21, 1992 in N’djamena from a modest family of 9 childrens. From her young age her physical takes her on catwalk shows and beauty pageants. She participated in all major events in Chad and started an international career in 2016.

african fashion magazine - Les awards du Mannequinat Africain – AMA8-Brigitte Tchanegue-dn africa
Brigitte Tchanegue

She has participated to lots of Fashion Events in Tchad an in Africa, like Saamha, Ze Night Show, Urban N’djam, Kelou Fashion, the night in white in Selesao. Sago and Annual Show (Cameroon).
Stastistics : 1m75 for 57kg
Graduate : Bts in Sociology of Population and Development


”Les-awards du Mannequinat Africain – AMA8 – Brigitte Chanegue – Dressed by Reda FAWAZ Design for the 170th Vlisco Anniversary


african-fashion-magazine-AMA8- Brigitte-Chanegue-dn-africa
”Les-awards du Mannequinat Africain – AMA8 – Brigitte Chanegue – Dressed by Reda FAWAZ Design for the 170th Vlisco Anniversary

Fashion in Chad

Fashion is an important value for Brigitte, it is a way for her to express herself and make speak her strengths.
What she would like for the Fashion  in Chad is really recognized as it should be on the international level and it is her fight besides already there is progress but it is not enough. For her lots of thing it remains much to be done and for there to arrive it takes work and patience.


african-fashion-magazine-ama8-les awards du mannequinat africain-Brigitte-Tchanegue-dn africa
”Les-awards du Mannequinat Africain – AMA8 – Brigitte Chanegue – Dressed by Reda FAWAZ Design for the 170th Vlisco Anniversary

International Models Awards

Les Awards du Mannequinat Africain / #AWA8 / 8eme Edition by Fatim SIDIME and SYDNEY CONCEPTUEL / December 15th, 2017
Gala evening of distinction and consecration of the best African
Location: Congress Palace Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivory


”Les-awards du Mannequinat Africain – AMA8 – Brigitte Chanegue

She has received lately an Award from AFRICAN MODELS AWARDS 8TH Edition #AMA8 ‘Les Awards du Mannequinat Africain’ – 8th Edition in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Dec 15th 2017.
The ceremony Awards took place at the Congress Palace Sofitel Hotel d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the event is organized by



In the presence of leading fashion figures and fond of haute couture. This edition was under the chairmanship of the Minister of national education Kandia Camara and the dual sponsorship of Catherine Lasky editor of Black Beauty magazine and Miss Zahui, President of Ong Yéhé.

She had lately received an award in Ivory Coast  allowed her to meet fashion personalities that her share together good times and and  also an opportunity to learn a lot from them.

Mrs. Fatim Sidime opened the way and I would not know thank her and it shows how much she trusted my work and my devotion to the job. This award is a key to my success, to end the year 2017 in beauty and begin next year with success.



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Brigitte Tchanegue, International Model from Tchad
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