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Paris Good Fashion – The New Sustainable Capital of Fashion

Paris Good Fashion the new international capital of sustainable fashion by 2024.


Announced at Paris’s Institut Français de la Mode (the French Institute of Fashion), the initiative sees the office of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo join forces with a host of fashion stakeholders & influencers to integrate one of the nation’s most important creative industries into its vision for sustainability.




Good news eco-conscious style lovers, Paris is set to add a brand-new title to its long list of fashion credentials. the home of haute couture and birthplace of modern ready-to-wear,



Paris Good Fashion aims to make Paris the capital of more responsible fashion by 2024, the year of the Olympic Games.
It is a 1901 law association which brings together professional players (more than fifty companies, creators, NGOs, institutions, etc.).
On a daily basis, we strive to improve and transform the practices of fashion companies whose activity is strongly linked to Paris.

Paris Good Fashion  can & must be exemplary.

How? ‘Or’ What ?
Paris Good Fashion have developed evaluation tools

  • a questionnaire
  • a barometer
  • performance measures)
  • working groups to move forward on major development themes.

    Isabelle Lefort, Paris Good Fashion
    Antoinette Guhl, Deputy of the City of Paris, responsible for theSocial and Solidarity Economy, 
    Social Innovation and the Circular Economy.Frédéric Hocquard, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for nightlife and the diversity of the cultural economy. 

    Paris Good Fashion mission focuses on concrete actions, the sharing of good practices & collective intelligence.
    Only in the same  will with Paris Good Fashion, we can achieve this systemic change.

    Paris Good Fashion
    is A for-profit company. Paris Good Fashion aim to bring together all the players, whatever their chosen field

  • fashion
  • accessory
  • luxury
  • ready-to-wear
  • brand
  • distributor


Paris Good Fashion,  mission is to accelerate the sector’s transition to more sustainable fashion. Our goal is to create systemic change to make Paris the capital of a more responsible fashion by 2024, the year of the Olympic Games.

To achieve this objective, Paris Good Fashion have adopted two reference tools.
Why ? Because not everyone is going at the same speed.
Whether you are a large group, a young designer, a ready-to-wear brand, a store, an event actor or another, everyone must adapt their pace of change.
However, it is important to get involved in order to be able to assess, and therefore measure, progress.
Hence through two tools: an upcoming barometer (end of 2020) & a self-diagnosis.



• The barometer which will measure the progress of Paris Good Fashion members, quantitatively & qualitatively, is for its part developed by Deloitte.
Based on the framework of self-diagnosis, it will be communicated annually to the general public.
Each member of Paris Good Fashion is committed to responding to them & improving their performance year after year.
The results of each member will remain confidential, only the consolidated results will be communicated.



• The self-diagnosis was designed by the Sidièse agency after consulting key members of the association and analyzing the existing tools. It is intended for any structure or actor who wishes to embark on the path of transition by asking the right questions. This self-diagnosis consists of 80 questions from eco-design to the relationship with consumers. This repository should allow everyone to qualify their progress and look for the right solutions.



SED NOVE Studio, the innovation studio for the circular economy and eco-design in the leather sector, has positioned itself on two working groups formed by Paris Good Fashion:

=> supporting young brands in sustainable development & transforming fashion events into sustainable events.

In this sense, SED NOVE Studio brings its expertise on eco-responsibility in the leather sector in order to guide young brands towards a reasoned supply of leather or eco-friendly & socio-responsible alternative materials while being aligned with the values ​​of the Mark.

Finally, SED NOVE Studio shares its know-how in promoting materials used in events to optimize circularity.SED NOVE Studio is proud to work alongside key players in responsible fashion, such as federations and institutions from the fashion ecosystem, but also Galeries Lafayette, La Caserne, and Positive Luxury.


Extract from the adherent members of Paris Good Fashion


The Galeries Lafayette is launching national citizen consultation 

On September 3, 2020 The Galeries Lafayette is launching a national citizen consultation with Paris Good Fashion and a group of partners to imagine the responsible fashion of tomorrow. The launch of this initiative, supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the City of Paris, will be in the presence of Guillaume Houzé (Galeries Lafayette) Sylvie Bénard (Paris Good Fashion) as well as Laurent Milchior (Etam group) and Sophie Hersan ( Collective cloakroom).



Made from petroleum products, polyester accounts for 60% of textiles produced & a third of industry emissions. How to make this material ecological? Focus with Benoît Illy, president & co-founder of Fairbrics, member of the Bpifrance green rooster community, which develops CO2-based polyester.