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Studio 24 Empowering Project

Studio 24 Empowering Projects in Africa The franchise for the 50 women The company has the project to engage 50 women in photographic business in opening franchise studios. Young women who have interest in photography or have a business background will be selected, interviewed and then trained for like three months. After that, we will get our bank to set them up at the locations of their choices. STUDIO 24 will be co-investors in the business, so we will help

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AFRICA-US Biz matchmaking : Austin TX- March 2018

US-AFRICA Cultural Expo & Business Matchmaking 2018 Austin, Texas CONFERENCE OVERVIEW The 4th Annual U.S - Africa Cultural  Expo, Business Matchmaking an Awards  Conference will explore business opportunities in Africa and US markets The event will bring together U.S. and African business owners in Austin, to discuss and explore new opportunities for their goods and services in markets in Africa and the United States. The conference will provide a platform for global business partnerships and expansion, and create development in Africa and

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AGOA Forum – Lome Fashion Week – LFW 17 – Aug 2017

AGOA FORUM 2017 & LOMÉ FASHION WEEK JOIN FORCES For its second edition, Lomé Fashion Week honors traditional 100% « made in Africa » fabrics. Each stylist must have in the collection to be showcased during Lomé Fashion Week 2017 at least three creations from a 100% « made in Africa » fabric, such as: • Batik (Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Madagascar...) • Fas Dan Fani (Burkina Faso) • Indigo • Kenté (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo) • Kita (Ivory

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