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Runway International Shows 2022

Date: 24 September 2022
Location: The Palladium
Baltimore, MD U.S.A.


Created by Junda Morris-Kennedy, Runway International Shows is the world’s largest event showcasing Liberian and international fashion, music and arts on one stage

A collaborative fashion show and exhibition, highlighting established and emerging Liberian and international designers in the industry,

Runway International Shows will serve and to promote the Liberian creative industry on an international stage.

Call for Designers :

For the Designer Entry Form, email us at runwayinternationalshowcase@gmail.com

Runway International Shows

Runway International Shows is a multi-faceted event created to promote Liberia’s social, cultural and economic development initiatives to a global audience through fashion and entertainment.

The Runway International Shows will feature the best  designers from Liberia and around the world presenting exquisite apparel and accessories, world-class entertainment by Liberian and international artists, as well as exhibitions of art and luxury products and services.

Runway International Shows

To increase the visibility and awareness of our designers by providing them with an affordable global showcase platform.


Runway International Shows – Junda Morris Kennedy Founder

Founder Junda Morris Kennedy has been hosting, coordinating, providing expertise and producing events for over 15 years. These events range from Miss Liberia Maryland, Miss Liberia USA, Miss Liberia Texas, Miss Liberia in America, Miss Sierra Leone DC, Miss Africa USA, Miss Africa International, Miss Africa Nebraska, African International Modeling Competition, Miss Guinea North America, World Championships of Performing Arts, Liberia Music Awards, Miss Tourism Liberia Pageant, Baltimore Fashion Week, Dayton Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, and New Silk Road Model Competition in China.

The inaugural Runway International Shows event was the first event sponsored outside Liberia by leading GSM company MTN/Lonestar Cell. The event attracted Liberian Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes and his wife, and featured 15 of Africa’s top fashion designers. The event recognized individuals who have made significant contributions to Liberian fashion, music and culture.


+1 202-643-8226


Media Partner :

Editorial : DNA – International
Production : Jam Waxx by Charles JACKOTIN
Cameraman : Charles JACKOTIN
Photographer: Dan NGUYEN
Video & Reporrtage: PATSHOW ACTIVITY
Social Network Media: Smartrezo by Michel LECOMTE


SMARTREZO DN-A INTERNATIONAL : https://www.tvlocale.fr/dn-a/tv.html

DN-AFRICA.COM : https://www.dn-africa.com



The Palladium, Baltimore, MD U.S.A.
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