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FRANK GNAMIEN, young prodigy designer from Ivory Coast.

When one is born with qualities to become the best is only a question of time. But it is also read among our great thinkers that the value does’nt wait for number of years.

These two maxims could be suitable to the 26-year-old Ivorian fashion designer


Franck Gnamien, already doing part of the new emulators of the Ivorian Couture.

Self-taught, he acquires in a very short time all the codes of high-level fashion design as well as fashion design t.  His absolute dream, Become one of the undeniable postcard speaking of great fashion designer of his generation.



Mode Africaine by Franck GNAMIEN


Franck GNAMIEN Couture

Obnubilated by his passion and experienced he gives himself the intellectual means by learning the Cup and Couture in a year with a master tailor renowned , Desire Anassou 2011.
Already 2012, consecration, the epic Franck GNAMIEN begins with the opening of his own
Sewing sign « Gnamian couture-ready-to-sew ».
Winner of the contest « Dream of Stylist » of the textile brand UNIWAX, he is also asked the same year to propose one of his creations in the annual catalog Afrik special wedding fashion. The doors of the sumptuous house universally recognized for its UNIWAX SA are open to him as a stylist. working on 6 versions of the UNIWAX catalog.


Mode Africaine : UNIWAX CATALOGUE 2015 / Number 17 – Ivory Coast Designer – Franck GNAMIEN – Model Fate TOURE


Mode Africaine : UNIWAX 24 -Ivory Coast Designer – Frank GNAMIEN

2013, he then works as a retoucher for bridal gowns of great designers with the famous wedding planer and designer Reda Fawaz.
Winning the 2nd youth designer prize in June of that year at Ouaga Fashion Week.
Then a costume contract of the concert show  » of Dr. Zein Abass where he dresses 35 singers and musicians.

The year 2014, will follow with Dakar Fashion Week, the urban fashion show festival and the opening of the top 10 fashion Ivorian.

Frank GNAMIEN in 2015 was invited for the Fashion Show in the category of Young Designer  for Afrik Fashion Show 10 organized by Isabelle ANOH.

Mode Africaine : Afrik Fashion Show 10 2015 -Ivory Coast Designer Franck Gnamien


On the list of the official creators of the second edition of the Top 10 of the official fashion, or he
present his Lady Gemme Collection.

Mode Africaine : Top 10 2015 – Ivory Coast Designer Franck GNAMIEN – Collection Lady Gemme


Great collection besides since this one will open him the trails of the big festival Elima Fashion Show , his presence beside the most famous designers of Africa such CIS’ST MOISE, ELIMA etc … ..
Cotonou will ask for it for the first time Cotonou Fashion Week edition the same year, his participating in December 2015  with Morenos fashion in Abidjan.

Elima Fashion Show

Model Celine Minet Zinsou  from TOGO
Mua: Togocoiffure Kpohazounde



Mode Africaine : Ivory Coast Designer -Franck GNAMIEN- ELIMA 2016

2016 then gives the curtain by offering this young picky kneaded Talent that we saw walk the Runway of
the edition of the African Arts and Entertainment Market (MASA mode) this year.
2017 is displayed in pink .with .. Emma style Show Dakar .., March 02 special invitation to
Ouagadougou for private party for international fashion for health by fashion designer Issa
Sorogo and March 4 for the celEbration of Patrick ASSO or FranckGNAMIEN symbolizes his assertion with the collection Aissata the very couture woman ….

2017, Africa Fashion Reception by Sir Lexy MOJO-EYES at UA (Union African) in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

Mode Africaine : AFRICAN FASHION RECEPTION 2017 – Addis Abeba (ETHIOPIA) -Ivory Coast Designer Franck GNAMIEN


 Follow by the show of Afrik Fashion Show 12 – 2017 Organized by Isabelle ANOH





Mode Africaine : AFRIK FASHION SHOW 12Franck GNAMIEN



Mode Africaine : AFRIK FASHION SHOW 12Franck GNAMIEN


TOP 10 – 2017 organized by Kifack BEYROUTH in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Mode Africaine : TOP 10 2017 – Ivory Coast Designer Franck GNAMIEN

Contact: Abidjan Marcory residential.

Located on the Boulevard du Cameroun.
Phone : +225 77862733
Facebook: Franck Gnamien couture
Instagram: niamien_byfgnamien

Editorial shoot for Franck Gnamien, Collection 2017

Location : SOFITEL – Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Exclusive contents  for DN-AFRICA realized in collaboration of STUDIO 24
Photographer Dan NGU

Must see : Mode Africaine by Franck GNAMIEN – Collection 2017