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The prognostic films winner for the 77th Edition Cannes Film Festival

The prognostic films winner for the 77th Edition Cannes Film Festival

Date: May 25 2024
Venue: Cannes Festival and Convention Centre, France

Lakshan Abenayake, the director of the Sri Lankan film « Rudy » (titled « Mysteries of Love » in French)

77th Cannes Film Festival 2024

The red carpet steps at the Cannes Film Festival are a world-famous sight, where celebrities and filmmakers from around the globe gather to showcase their latest work and rub shoulders with industry royalty. The ascent of these steps is a highly choreographed affair, with photographers and journalists capturing every moment from every angle. For those lucky enough to walk the red carpet, it’s a chance to shine and make a lasting impression.

Lakshan Abenayake

This year, one of the most anticipated ascents was that of Lakshan Abenayake, the director of the Sri Lankan film « Rudy » (titled « Mysteries of Love » in French). Abenayake’s film was selected for the Un Certain Regard section of the festival, a prestigious showcase for emerging filmmakers.

As Abenayake made his way up the steps, he was greeted by a wave of applause and cheers. He was dressed in a traditional Sri Lankan sarong, a bold statement that set him apart from the many tuxedo-clad men on the carpet. Abenayake’s smile was wide and genuine, and he seemed to be genuinely enjoying the moment.

Abenayake’s ascent of the red carpet was more than just a glamorous photo opportunity. It was a symbol of the growing global reach of cinema, and a sign that Sri Lankan filmmakers are finally getting the recognition they deserve. « Rudy » is a powerful and moving film that tells the story of a young man struggling to find his place in the world. It’s a film that is sure to stay with viewers long after the credits have rolled.

Here are some additional details about Lakshan Abenayake and his film « Rudy »:

Abenayake is a graduate of the London Film School.

« Rudy » is Abenayake’s first feature film.

The film was shot in Sri Lanka.

« Rudy » has been praised for its beautiful cinematography and its strong performances.



The 77th Cannes Film Festival, also known as Festival de Cannes



The 77th Cannes Film Festival has seen some remarkable films and performances feature a special homage to George Lucas..



The 77th Cannes Film Festival has seen some remarkable films and performances. Three prognostic films in particular have been highlighted as potential winners for the prestigious Palme d’Or:
The 77th Cannes Film Festival is set to conclude on Saturday, culminating in the bestowal of its highest honor, the Palme d’Or.
The event will also feature a special homage to George Lucas.

The 77th Cannes Film Festival, also known as Festival de Cannes, took place from May 14 to May 25, 2024.

The festival is a renowned event that celebrates the art of film and cinema. This year’s festival was opened by French actress Camille Cottin, who placed the twelve days of the Festival under the signs of emotion, commitment, and love of cinema.

The Feature Film jury was chaired by American actress and director Greta Gerwig.

As for the Palme d’Or predictions, it’s always a tough call as the decision is made by the jury after careful deliberation. However, there are a few films that have been highlighted as potential contenders:


The prognostic films winner for the 77th Edition Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival Exclusive Red Carpet- WELCOME TO THE MAIN EVENT


The 77th Cannes Film Festival has seen some remarkable films and performances.
Four films in particular have been highlighted as potential winners for the prestigious Palme d’Or:

“Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard

“Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard Screen Shot


Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard, a Spanish-language musical starring Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gomez, and Karla Sofía Gascón.

Emilia Pérez” is a musical thriller film directed by Jacques Audiard. It was officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival.
This is Audiard’s tenth feature film, following his previous work “Les Olympiades” in 2021.

The film is set under the unsettling Mexican sun. It marks Audiard’s return to the thriller genre, reminiscent of his 2009 film “Un Prophète”, but this time set in Mexico, with music, and in Spanish. The film tells the story of cartel boss Manitas, who becomes a woman to escape his fate, only to meet it.

The character of Emilia Pérez is played by Spanish transgender actress Karla Sofia Gascón.
The cast also includes Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldaña, with Saldaña playing the key role of the lawyer tasked with changing the drug baron’s destiny.
Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez and Spanish actress Adriana Paz round out the star-studded cast.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by singer Camille and arranger Clément Ducol, plays a significant role in the film1. The film oscillates between the crime genre and a musical comedy1.

Audiard worked with long-time collaborator Thomas Bidegain on the screenplay1. Bidegain previously worked with Audiard on “Un prophète” (2009), “De rouille et d’os” (2012), and “Dheepan” (2015).

The film has been well received, with some critics calling it a bold venture into the musical thriller genre and praising its exploration of redemption3. It has been described as giving a “good boost” to the Cannes selection.


“The Seed of the Sacred Fig” by Mohammad Rasoulof _- Cannes Film Festival 77th Edition


“The Seed of the Sacred Fig” by Mohammad Rasoulof, an Iranian director who had to shoot the film in secret.

« Seed of the Sacred Fig » by Mohammad Rasoulof:
This film has received strong reviews and is notable for its political narrative against Iranian oppression.
Rasoulof, an exiled Iranian director, was finally able to attend Cannes.
The film, which was shot in secret, charts the breakdown of a family after a Revolutionary Court judge’s gun goes missing.

This film has received strong reviews and is notable for its political narrative against Iranian oppression.
Rasoulof, an exiled Iranian director, was finally able to attend Cannes.
This is Rasoulof’s first time in competition.

“All We Imagine as Light” by Payal Kapadia

“All We Imagine as Light” by Payal Kapadia – Cannes Film Festival 77th Edition


“All We Imagine as Light” by Payal Kapadia, the first Indian film to premiere in the Cannes competition in 30 years.

« All We Imagine as Light » by Payal Kapadia:
This film, about the friendship between two women in Mumbai, is the first Indian film to premiere in the Cannes competition in 30 years.
It’s also the first Indian competition film ever to be directed by a woman1.


Sean Baker’s film “Anora

Sean Baker’s film “Anora


Prominently featured is Sean Baker’s film “Anora,” where Mikey Madison delivers a compelling performance as a 23-year-old Russian American exotic dancer from the Brighton Beach-Coney Island area of Brooklyn1. Baker, known for his work on “The Florida Project” and “Red Rocket,” has a distinct ability to portray how societal hierarchies subtly permeate even the closest relationships of his main character

“Anora,” set to be released later this year by the independent distributor Neon, known for its impressive Palme d’Or track record, has arguably been the standout film at this year’s Cannes.
The film opens with a captivating slow-motion scene in the strip club where the protagonist,
Anora (played by Madison), is employed. It is in this setting that “Ani” encounters Ivan (portrayed by Mark Eidelstein), a youthful and eccentric Russian patron who swiftly becomes infatuated and contracts her for a week-long companionship


Prominently featured is Sean Baker’s film “Anora and come secondly « Seed of the Sacred Fig » by Mohammad Rasoulof

The final decision will be announced during Saturday’s ceremony. Those pretending  films selection have been praised and either could be a worthy winner of the Palme d’Or.


The predictions and the actual winner will be announced by the jury members.






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